Transistor Radio is the webcast of Transistor. Tune in to hear programs featuring indie & archival rock, Americana, electronica, house, disco, funk and soul, tracks from our live performance archive, original sound pieces specially made for Transistor Radio, interview and discussion programs, and more.

(We will back in December with a new month of shows.)

This month on In Store: Selections From Transistor's Live Performance Archive, host Jon Monteverde has live music from the Jason Seed Stringtet, a group that has performed twice at Transistor; the performance we have on this episode is their most recent, from 8/19/18.

15 Songs is a mix of music new and old from Transistor's 40,000-song library. That means lots of indie rock and electropop, but it also includes post-punk, post-rock, New Wave, No Wave, dream pop, trip-hop, glam, lounge, soul, lo-fi and the hard-to-classify. Andy Miles hosts; this month he has music from Digable Plants, Wilco, Kelis and much more.

Cine-File, the Chicago guide to independent and underground cinema, is now in podcast form as Cine-Cast.  On episode #7 of the Cine-Cast, Cine-File associate editor Ben Sachs and content producer JB Mabe chat about Chicago movie-going in October, from the Johnnie To series at Doc Films to Conversations at the Edge at the Siskel Film Center; contributor Kyle Cubr interviews MINDING THE GAP director Bing Liu—the film plays again at Block Cinema at 7pm on Thursday, October 11, with Liu in person; Mabe talks with Julia Gibbs, assistant director of the Film Studies Center at the University of Chicago, about their fall schedule; and Sachs, Cubr, and contributor Michael Smith talk about the 54th Chicago International Film Festival, which runs from October 10-21.

Last month, Sideshow’s DJ Bloodshot Scott had the honor of providing the soundtrack welcoming eager patrons as the doors opened for the 1st day of the 25th year of revered punk rock watering hole Delilah's. One of Chicago's most unique boozy community centers, Delilah's boasts one of the world's most extensive and well-curated whiskey collections. If you missed that epic party, now is your chance to relive some of the revelry, tunes and energy that kicked off that celebratory night. "Congrats Delilah's, from DJ Bloodshot Scott — here's to another quarter century of music, art, community ... and a tipple or two.

On InterlopinDJ Tashtego celebrates the onset of autumn with a collection of funky grooves balancing the carefree breeze of summer with the wistful nostalgic tinge of fall.

Dead Flowers is a motley and mind-expanding exploration of the 1960s, with plenty of air time given to pop, soul, folk, surf, garage, girl group, Motown, British Invasion, psychedelic rock, blues, bossa nova, jazz, lounge and much more.  Andy Miles hosts; on this episode he has music from Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan, The Kinks, Henry Mancini and more.

Emotional Rescue returns with a fun and often funky exploration of all things 1970-1980, with plenty of air time given to pop, disco, soul, funk, punk, reggae, Afrobeat, New Wave, classic rock, and even some occasional jazz.  Andy Miles hosts; on this episode he has music from Aretha Franklin, Fleetwood Mac, Funkadelic, The Velvet Underground, Herbie Hancock and more.

This month, The Good Music Show celebrates all things Riot Fest. The acclaimed punk rock and outsider art festival rolled through Douglas Park in Chicago last month, and Scott and Odie thought it'd be a great opportunity to hitch a ride and spotlight some of their favorite artists who were featured at the fest. Some new finds, some old friends, and hopefully all meaningful and exciting listening for YOU! So, spread out the blanket, kick off your combat boots, and crack a cold one — it's time for some good music.

We hear from the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce, with a Transistor-produced monthly omnibus version of their Always Andersonville weekly podcast.  On the October edition of Always Andersonville Monthly we have the story of Martha Mae: Art Supplies & Beautiful Things with Jean Cate (pictured with Andy Miles, Laura Austin and her beloved Martha Mae above); Lakeshore Dental Studio with Dr. Kapil Kella; Chicago Therapy Collective with Iggy Ladden; and SoFo Tap and Meeting House Tavern with Mark Robertson and Mike Sullivan.   

On This Show Will Change Your Life, comedian Dave Maher talks to creative people about a movie, song, book, even a piece of furniture that changed their lives in ways big or small, obvious or surprising.  In Episode 6, Dave talks to HIMSELF (i.e. directly to listeners) about his recent experience taking Dave Maher Coma Show to the Edinburgh Fringe.


Many of Transistor Radio's shows are recorded in Studio C in the basement of Transistor Chicago. Learn about renting that studio here

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Andy Miles regularly offers up 15 Songs, a mix of music new and old from Transistor's 40,000-song library. That means lots of indie rock and electropop, but it also includes post-punk, post-rock, New Wave, No Wave, Britpop, dream pop, trip-hop, math rock, Kraut rock, glam, lounge, soul, lo-fi and the hard-to-classify.

Always Andersonville Monthly is a podcast produced by the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce with Transistor; it brings together the month's interviews from the weekly Always Andersonville podcast.   

Blame It On The Boogie: Deep & Dirty Disco, Funk & Soul From Lechstafari is deep vinyl cuts from a deep time. Lechstafari brings back the funk & boogie that shapes today's modern dance music. From '60s soul to '90s house, he follows the transformations of the groove through one of the most influential periods of music.

Until April 2018 Bring Your Own Beat was the show in which Transistor Radio invited sound artists of all kinds to create an original piece. Beginning in June 2018 BYOB also became a platform for guest DJs to craft and present a playlist of songs.     

The Cine-Cast is a monthly podcast from, a website that spotlights alternative, underground, and non-commercial screenings in Chicago. The podcast features commentary from Cine-File contributors, as well as interviews with people in the local film community and information about upcoming screenings.

Culturetopia was a short-lived arts interview program hosted by accomplished Chicago writer and actress Marla Seidell. The three episodes of the show were recorded and released between August and October of 2013. [This show is not in current production but remains in our archives.]

Dead Flowers is a motley and mind-expanding exploration of the 1960s, with plenty of air time given to pop, soul, folk, surf, garage, girl group, Motown, British Invasion, psychedelic rock, blues, bossa nova, jazz, lounge and much more.  Andy Miles hosts. 

Depth of Field is a mix of news, music and conversation concerning all things Transistor. Andy Miles hosts, with Danielle Echols.

Emotional Rescue is a fun and often funky exploration of all things 1970-1980 with plenty of air time given to pop, disco, soul, funk, punk, reggae, Afrobeat, New Wave, classic rock, and even some occasional jazz.  Andy Miles hosts. 

In 2010 Transistor Radio produced six episodes of The Extended Pause, a monthly show devoted to storytelling, poetry, the spoken word, show-and-tell, the art of field-tripping, the experiential, and allowing oneself to get carried away.   Sayward Schoonmaker was host and tour guide. [This show is not in current production but remains in our archives.]

On The Good Music Show with Scott and Odie, you'll be immersed in a quintessential college radio show, even if you don't live within a block of a university's antenna. Indie rock and underground sounds past, present and future. You might hear it first and or last, on The Good Music Show.  

Jon Monteverde hosts and curates In Store: Selections from Transistor's Live Performance Archive. As Transistor's Friday (and occasional Saturday) night sound engineer, Jon has recorded more than 300 sets of live music at Transistor. On this show, he showcases highlights from this collection.

Presented by Mike Benz (DJ Tashtego), Interlopin' hops eras and genres to concoct a special brew of dance floor euphoria. Featuring everything from space disco, minimal techno, indie rock, synth pop, and Afrobeat, to all manners of house -- deep, tech, classic and French -- the show emphasizes seamless blends that tease out the unique resonances of tracks.

From January 2010 till July 2011 Transistor Radio offered a weekly arts interview show, The Roundtable, hosted by Rani Woolpert (now Rani Young). In the course of that year-and-a-half run, her guests included jazz saxophonist Ken Vandermark, Lou Mallozzi of Experimental Sound Studio, musician Jon Langford, performance artist Julie Laffin, and filmmaker/scholar Daniel Eisenberg; those interviews are available on The Roundtable archive page.  [This show is not in current production but remains in our archives.]

On Sideshow, curator Bloodshot Scott unearths, examines and displays roots music in its myriad forms. From unknown oddities to adored luminaries, it fits if he says it fits. Step right up, tune right in, and hear it only on Sideshow, folks! 

Beginning in March 2010 Transistor Radio presented the semi-regular “comedy quiz”" show The Silent K, a celebration of obscure and/or useless information, a heady synthesis of junk food and junk culture: “a party for smarties.” The show rewarded correctness with fabulous prizes (usually candy) and punished wrongness with mockery (and candy), and every show's best contestant had a chance to win a Transistor gift card. Co-hosted by Brian Hischier and Jeremy Pautz -- innovators in the fields of humorous interrogation and the tactical deployment of miscellany -- The Silent K ran for more than a year, and most of the 22 episodes they produced are available from the audio players below, along with a 'Roundtable' interview the co-hosts sat for (actually, if memory serves, they were both standing).  [This show is not in current production but remains in our archives.]

On each episode of This Show Will Change Your Life, comedian Dave Maher talks to creative people about a movie, song, book, even a piece of furniture that changed their lives in ways big or small, obvious or surprising.

The White City Cinema Radio Hour is a film-themed talk show. Host Michael Smith brings his Chicago-centric White City Cinema film blog to the air with observations on an almost impossibly eclectic blend of cinema, both classic and modern, and features film reviews, film festival coverage, interviews with filmmakers, critics and programmers, and much more. 

Also check out the Transistor Radio archive of nameless music shows by deejays Liz McCabe, Andy Miles and Amanda Walz, plus Joshua Wentz’s Show of Songs!



Mike Benz pilots the mix Interlopin' and can sometimes be found behind the decks at Transistor's live music events in the guise of DJ Tashtego. His musical education took off in college, when he hosted a Sunday night indie rock show, broadcasting through the ether of northern Indiana nights to truckers who were often flabbergasted to come across the likes of Sigur Ros, Crystal Castles, and F*ck Buttons, while they were innocently skimming through their FM scanners.


Danielle Echols is a storyteller and event coordinator currently dwelling in the great city of Chicago.  She wrote, produced and edited her first radio documentary at age 16, and she hasn’t stopped since.  Some of her audio projects include Daran Music, about her grandfather’s soul music record label Daran Records, and Words from the Soul: An In-Depth Conversation with Chai Tulani.  Other radio and podcast credits include being a featured commentator on WOUB radio (Southeast Ohio’s public radio), a featured guest on Vocalo (Chicago Public Radio), being a guest on Fresh Perspectives podcast, and of course hosting Transistor Radio's Depth of Field.  She has organized events including photography exhibits, open mics, and film screenings. Follow her on all social media platforms at @theAnthro24.

Dave Maher Headshot.jpg

This Show Will Change Your Life host Dave Maher is, according to Gapers Block, a “smartly unhinged, wildly funny comedian with a big heart and warm smile,” and the Chicago Reader would “watch Maher do just about anything.” He has achieved acclaim for his ambitious and genre-defying live shows like “Dave Maher Coma Show,” “Dave Maher II,” “Bracketology: The Tournament of Everything,” and “What’s a Hamilton?: ‘Hamilton’ Recreated By People Who’ve Never Seen Nor Heard ‘Hamilton.’”


Andy Miles hosts Depth of Field, a mix of news, music and conversation concerning all things Transistor, Bring Your Own Beat, Dead FlowersEmotional Rescue and 15 Songs. He also engineers and edits talk shows Always Andersonville Monthly and The White City Cinema Radio Hour and previously handled those duties for Cine-Cast, The Silent K, The Roundtable and Culturetopia. He has written for various publications on the arts, history & culture, made audio documentaries, worked in radio and public television, owned and operated a company specializing in congressional hearing transcripts, and from 2009-2018 owned and managed Transistor. Born near Chicago and currently residing in Chicago's Ravenswood neighborhood, he has also called Madison, Washington, D.C., and Berlin home. He holds a bachelors degree in history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has played drums and bass in a bunch of bands.


Jon Monteverde presents In Store: Selections from Transistor's Live Performance Archive. He has been doing live sound and recording in-store performances for Transistor since 2012. He currently plays in the bands Boundary Waters and Decent People, and also does original music and sound design for commercials, documentaries, and Web stuff. Keep tabs on him at (and visit the Recordings page to find dozens of sets he has recorded for Transistor).


Scott Schaefer, host of Sideshow and co-host of The Good Music Show, has been the lead singer for several stalwart Chicago indie rock outfits and has also blazed a trail through the cover tune circuit with his numerous acoustic duos. In addition to performing and recording, Scott also holds down various DJ residencies around town, from venues well-known to the forever unknown. Alongside his live musical endeavors, he has also carved a niche for himself on the industry side of the Chicago music scene, first as head of operations for the venerable Checkered Past Records label, and most recently as the label manager for local indie powerhouse Bloodshot Records. With the little free time he has left, he hosts Chicago's longest-running weekly open mic competition at Uncommon Ground. Scott is enveloped in music, and he wouldn't have it any other way.


Odie Schaefer, co-host of The Good Music Show, is also but not limited to: a Halloween/haunted house enthusiast; a roller coaster fanatic; and a vinyl junkie. Odie has been in and around the music scene pretty much all of his life: he formed his first band at age 9, and recorded his first album while still in junior high school. With his musical tastes crossing many genres, you’re never quite sure what will be coming through your speakers ... hopefully at high volume.


Michael Smith, host of The White City Cinema Radio Hour, is an independent filmmaker, author and film studies instructor based in Chicago. His first feature film, 'Cool Apocalypse,' premiered in 2015 and has won multiple awards on the film festival circuit. His first book, 'Flickering Empire: How Chicago Invented the U.S. Film Industry,' a nonfiction account of early film production in Chicago, was published by Columbia University Press in 2015. He contributes regularly to TimeOut Chicago, The Reader, and Cine-File Chicago, and teaches at various Chicago-area colleges. He is the creator and sole author of the blog


Roundtable host Rani Young is a Chicago-based artist, musician and designer. The recipient of a 2014 Individual Artist Grant from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs, Rani works out of her studio at Fulton Street Collective, with her current focus on narrative figurative oil paintings. She has a BFA from Colorado State University and a post-baccalaureate from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. In 2009, Rani co-founded Transistor, from which she curated a weekly music performance series, hosted a radio interview show, and taught fine art and design software classes to hundreds of students; she stepped away from those roles in 2011.  Rani is a graphic designer, creating digital signage, print materials and outdoor advertising for Hyatt, Hilton, Omni and other hotel clients. She is also the lead singer in three Chicago bands: Girl Detective, Dreams of Falling and Dream House (the latter a Siouxsie and the Banshees tribute band). Visit Rani’s website.


Rare birds Round logo.png

Rare Birds Musical Oddities is Chicago's only musical oddity shop and features loads of 1980s keyboards, 1970s analog synths and drum machines, exotic hand percussion from around the world, vintage toy musical instruments, records, boomboxes, rock 'n' roll and music memorabilia, and a wall full of rare and rad vintage guitars and basses. Buy, sell and trade your vintage gear as well as pickup accessories like strings, adapters cables and more. 

Rare Birds is located inside Transistor Chicago, 5224 N. Clark Street, and is open five days a week: Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1:00-7:00 p.m., and Sunday 1:00-5:00 p.m.


My shop's namesake, Basya Berkman, comes from my Yiddish great-grandmother, whose lifetime spanned all ten decades of the 20th century and who, for me, is the symbol of living a creative life through limitations. She would take our old curtains and reinvent them as dresses. When the dresses got too small for her girls, they became vest-and-skirt ensembles. She had poise and dignity, and knew that looking good was more about who you were and how you felt about yourself than chasing trends or labels. 

In my Etsy emporium you will find everything from lace-trimmed Edwardian bloomers to designer Parisian silk jumpsuits of the 1990s, but as spring draws near, transitional weather pieces will hit the store, such as trench coats and leather jackets. Later in the season, be on the lookout for bright, printed dresses as well as swimsuits, skirts and sun hats. I also take private appointments in my home studio, so please contact me for more personalized services.  — Julia Marchenko, Wardrobe Mistress, Basya Berkman Vintage.

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Transistor Radio is the webcast of Transistor. Launched December 27, 2009, the shows were recorded live in the store every Sunday night for the first year and a half of its existence. Those shows included The Roundtable, an arts interview & discussion program hosted by Rani Woolpert, a comedy quiz show called The Silent K with contestants pulled from our "studio' audience," and a two-hour music show presented by Andy Miles as patrons played ping-pong on the main floor of the shop. (This was in our Andersonville location, where we had a lot more space, and yes, a ping-pong table.) In 2010 we went live, webcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Costs proved prohibitive and we returned to recording and uploading shows, with DJs Jeff GoodSmith, Amanda Walz, Joshua Wentz, Sarah Luczko, Planet Claire and others added to the lineup. Our spoken-word-program offerings also expanded with Molly Merkel and Sayward Schoonmaker coming on board. When we moved to Lincoln Avenue, Jeff and Amanda continued to host music shows, and Kevin Golden & Claire Kander came by every once in a while, sometimes with their dog Yoshi, to make some shows. In our current location, new addition Liz McCabe started coming by on Friday afternoons to record a set until the webcast went on hiatus in early 2014. On the first Tuesday of 2015, Transistor Radio was re-launched with a new slate of programs and a bevy of new hosts. We've continued adding shows in the years since. Details above!