On each episode of This Show Will Change Your Life, comedian Dave Maher talks to creative people about a movie, song, book, even a piece of furniture that changed their lives in ways big or small, obvious or surprising.


In Episode 6, Dave talks to HIMSELF (i.e. directly to listeners) about his recent experience taking Dave Maher Coma Show to the Edinburgh Fringe.


Dave Maher Headshot (2).jpg

Dave Maher is, according to Gapers Block, a “smartly unhinged, wildly funny comedian with a big heart and warm smile,” and the Chicago Reader would “watch Maher do just about anything.” He has achieved acclaim for his ambitious and genre-defying live shows like “Dave Maher Coma Show,” “Dave Maher II,” “Bracketology: The Tournament of Everything,” and “What’s a Hamilton?: ‘Hamilton’ Recreated By People Who’ve Never Seen Nor Heard ‘Hamilton.’”


In Episode 5, Dave talks to former Hyde Park Records co-owner Boomer Lowe about the Velvet Goldmine soundtrack.

In Episode 4, Dave talks to Pitchfork writer Paul Thompson about Beck's Odelay and visual artist Derek Erdman about Prince's Around the World in a Day.


In Episode 3, Dave talks to comedian Chris Santiago about a picture of a painting of a family tree (pictured) at his grandfather's house in the Philippines.

In episode 2, Dave talks to comedians Shannon Noll about the TV show "Strangers With Candy" and Conner O'Malley about "Terminator 2."

In this inaugural episode, Dave talks to comedians Blake Burkhart about "Boogie Nights," Gena Gephart about the movie "Twilight," and Cameron Gillette about the movie "Stop Making Sense."