On The Good Music Show with Scott and Odie, you'll be immersed in a quintessential college radio show, even if you don't live within a block of a university's antenna. Indie rock and underground sounds past, present and future. You might hear it first and or last, on The Good Music Show.  

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Studio wizardry and retake after retake can dull and nullify the true meaning of the sound a band was working to create... but playing live, that's the moment.  A time where the bands sound and performance will never ever be repeated or recreated. Sometimes magical, sometimes tragic, but it was a happening... it was live.

This episode of The Good Music Show we give you some of our favorite bands doing what they should... playing it live.  In front of people even.

1. The Jam - Standards
2. J.F.A. - Baja
3. The Monkees - Circle Sky
4. Descendents - Hope
5. Circle Jerks - Behind The Door
6. Sixteen Horsepower - For Heaven's Sake
7. Firewater - The Man with the Blurry Face
8. The Cure - A Forest
9. The Damned - Smash it Up
10. The Adverts - Gary Gilmore's Eyes
11. Echo & The Bunnymen - Do It Clean
12. The Psychedelic Furs - Alive (For Once in my Lifetime)
13. Roxy Music - Do The Stand
14. The Who - A Quick One ( While He's Away) 



Scott Schaefer, host of Sideshow and co-host of The Good Music Show, has been the lead singer for several stalwart Chicago indie rock outfits and has also blazed a trail through the cover tune circuit with his numerous acoustic duos. In addition to performing and recording, Scott also holds down various DJ residencies around town, from venues well-known to the forever unknown. Alongside his live musical endeavors, he has also carved a niche for himself on the industry side of the Chicago music scene, first as head of operations for the venerable Checkered Past Records label, and most recently as the label manager for local indie powerhouse Bloodshot Records. With the little free time he has left, he hosts Chicago's longest-running weekly open mic competition at Uncommon Ground. Scott is enveloped in music, and he wouldn't have it any other way.


Odie Schaefer, co-host of The Good Music Show, is also but not limited to: a Halloween/haunted house enthusiast; a roller coaster fanatic; and a vinyl junkie. Odie has been in and around the music scene pretty much all of his life: he formed his first band at age 9, and recorded his first album while still in junior high school. With his musical tastes crossing many genres you're never quite sure what will be coming through your speakers ... hopefully at high volume.


On this installment of The Good Music Show, Scott and Odie combine forces with The Chicago League of Vinyl Appreciators for musical merriment and mayhem.

What is The Chicago League of Vinyl Appreciators, you ask?

The Chicago League of Vinyl Appreciators (CLOVA) is a group of music aficionados that gathers to employ a simple formula: Vinyl + Food + Booze = Good

How it works:
CLOVA meets quarterly. Its members each bring a vinyl record to share based on a pre-determined theme. The theme is determined by the host for that particular month. Special guests and venues are scheduled as they become readily available. The league is totally sweet.

Founding Members:
David Prusina, Dan Opels, Scott Schaefer, Odie Schaefer. And they all smell great.

1. Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side
2. Patsy Cline – Walking after Midnight
3. The Ventures – Walk Don’t Run
4. Elvis Costello & The Attractions – Lover’s Walk
5. The Jesus and Mary Chain – The Hardest Walk
6. The Rolling Stones – Before They Make Me Run
7.  Silverchair - Findaway 
8. Foo Fighters - Alone + Easy Target
9. 311 - Don’t Stay Home
10. Rancid - Roots Radicals
11. Green Day - Armatage Shanks
12. Smashing Pumpkins- Jellybelly
13. The Kinks - The Contenders
14. Joe Jackson - I'm the Man
15. The Raconteurs - Hold Up
16. Nirvana - Sliver
17. The Toadies - Tyler
18. Echo and the Bunnymen - Do it Clean
19. The Smiths - What She Said
20. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Down on Me
21. The Pixies - Here Comes Your Man
22. The Replacements - Favorite Thing

Lock the doors, stoke the fire, and shun all responsibilities because it's WINTERTIME! Tune in and turn up cause... baby, it's cold outside.

1. Spike Jones & His City Slickers - Winter
2. Stiv Bators - It's Cold Outside
3. The Sonics - Don't Believe in Christmas
4. The Dickies - Silent Night
5. The Ramones - Merry Christmas (I Don't Want To Fight Tonight)
6. Clarence Carter - Back Door Santa
7. Keith Richards - Run Rudolph Run
8, The Chesterfield Kings - Hey, Santa Claus
9. The Kinks - Father Christmas
10. Simon & Garfunkel - Hazy Shade of Winter
11. Smash Mouth - Snoopy's Christmas
12. The Apples in Stereo - Winter Must Be Cold
13. Ass Ponys - Last Night It Snowed
14. Pixies - Winterlong
15. Wendy & Bonnie - The Winter is Cold
16. Margo Guryan - I Don't Intend to spend Christmas Without You
17. Galaxie 500 - Listen, The Snow is Falling
18. Tom Waits - Cold Cold Ground
19. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow

This month, the Good Music Show celebrates all things Riot Fest. The acclaimed punk rock and outsider art festival rolled through Douglas Park in Chicago last month, and Scott and Odie thought it'd be a great opportunity to hitch a ride and spotlight some of their favorite artists who were featured at the fest. Some new finds, some old friends, and hopefully all meaningful and exciting listening for YOU! So, spread out the blanket, kick off your combat boots, and crack a cold one — it's time for some good music.

1. The Bombpops “CA in July”
2. Bad Religion “No Control”
3. Blondie “Rip Her to Shreds”
4. Elvis Costello & the Attractions “No Action”
5. Superchunk “I Guess I Remembered It Wrong”
6. Mannequin Pussy “Emotional High”
7. Liz Phair “Mesmerizing”
8. Beach Bunny “February”
9. Interpol “PDA”
10. Johnny Marr “Easy Money”
11. Atmosphere “The Best Day”
12. Beck “Sexx Laws”
13. JD McPherson “Scratching Circles”
14. Jerry Lee Lewis “What’s Made Milwaukee Famous….”
15. The Jesus Lizard “Mouthbreather”
16. Clutch “A Shogun Named Marcus”
17. Blood People “Shapeshifter”
18. Wolfmother “Woman”
19. GWAR “Sick of You”
20. FEAR “New York’s Alright if You Like Saxaphones”
21. Dillinger Four “Doublewhiskeycokenoice”
23. Lagwagon “May 16”
24. The Bouncing Souls “Hopeless Romantic”

The Pioneers of Pub Rock to Punk Rock to Damaged Art to Sweeping Melancholy Masterpieces … It’s a Battle of the Bands we all wanted to see.  We have Graham Parker vs. Elvis Costello, and in the second corner we have The Velvet Underground vs. The Feelies.  There are no losers here, only winners…. especially us, the listeners.  Enjoy the carnage!

1.       Elvis Costello – Shabby Doll
2.       Graham Park – Love Gets you Twisted
3.       Elvis Costello – Less Than Zero
4.       Graham Parker – Clear Head
5.       Elvis Costello – The Imposter
6.       Graham Parker – Discovering Japan
7.       Elvis Costello – Accidents Will Happen
8.       Graham Parker – Pouring It All Out
9.       Elvis Costello – Next Time Round
10.   Velvet Underground – Beginning To See The Light
11.   The Feelies -  On The Roof
12.   Velvet Underground – There She Goes Again
13.   The Feelies – Away
14.   Velvet Underground – White Light/White Heat
15.   The Feelies – Raised Eyebrows
16.   Velvet Underground – We’re Going To Have A Real Good Time Together
17.   The Feelies – Let’s Go
18.   The Feelies – What Goes On (VU Cover)

“With screen doors slamming, fireflies swirling, car radios blaring and warm summer beer sipping… Please enjoy a set of summertime tunes to help keep you and your drinks cool.”

1. The Monkees –  Door Into Summer
2. The Ramones – Rockaway Beach
3. The Undertone – Here Comes The Summer
4. The Jamies – Summertime, Summertime
5. Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – Ice Cream Man
6. Mungo Jerry – In The Summertime
7. Donovan – Sunshine Superman
8. Brimstone Howl – End Of The Summer
9. Strange Hands – Summertime
10. Blue Cheer – Summertime Blues
11. Butthole Surfers – Summer In The City
12. The Zombies – Summertime
13. Pavement – Summer Babe
14. Hüsker Dü – Celebrated Summer
15. The Drifters  - Under The Boardwalk
16. Chad & Jeremy – A Summer Song
17. Beat Happening – Indian Summer

"While nestled under the covers, we listen to tunes and think 'we should cover this tune'…and we cover them… with love.  As you might have guessed it, round two of brilliant cover songs.  Make sure to grab a blanket."

1.   The Damnend – Alone Again Or (covering Love)
2.   Luna – That’s What You Always Say (covering The Dream Syndicate)
3.   Buffalo Tom – All Tomorrows Parties (covering The Velvet Underground)
4.   Sonic Youth – Superstar (covering The Carpenters)
5.  The Pixies – Winterlong (covering Neil Young)
6.  Agent Orange – Somebody to Love (covering Jefferson Airplane)
7.  A Place to Bury Strangers – Suffragette City (covering David Bowie)
8.  Big Black – The Model (covering Kraftwerk)
9.  Screaming Trees – What Goes On (covering The Velvet Underground)
10. Tom Waits – Sea Of Love (covering Phil Phillips)
11. Bobby Bare Jr. – What Difference Does It Make (covering The Smiths)
12. CUB – She’s A Rainbow (covering The Rolling Stones)
13. Camper Van Beethoven - Pictures Of Matchstick Men (covering Status Quo)
14. The Wedding Present – Pleasant Valley Sunday (covering The Monkees)
15. Stiv Bators –  I Had Too Much To Dream (covering The Electric Prunes)
16. Bongwater – You Just May Be The One (covering The Monkees)

"Donning our Aqua-net-infused Blue/Black hair, skull boots and cloves we set out to smoke and brood. GMS takes a look back at '80s goth and we smile, smile, we rock back and forth in the corner."

1. Bauhaus - Double Dare
2. The Birthday Party - King Ink
3. Blackouts - Idiot
4. Xmal Deutschland - Kämpfen
5. The Cure - A Forest
6. Cocteau Twins - Blood Bitch
7. Siouxsie & The Banshees - Suburban Relapse
8. Lydia Lunch - Afraid of your Company
9. The Sisters of Mercy - Lights
10. Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp
11. Lords of the New Church - Open Your Eyes
12. Alien Sex Fiend - Dead and Re-Buried
13. Skinny Puppy - Assimilate

"When San Francisco had flowers and Chicago had riots, New York had needles and filth.  But gets worse.  The Good Music Show takes a bite out of the Big Apple."

Set List

1.     The Velvet Underground  "We’re Going to Have Real Good Time Together"
2.     Richard Hell & The Voidoids "Blank Generation"
3.     The New York Dolls "Babylon"
4.     The Heartbreakers "Born To Lose"
5.     Ramones "Swallow My Pride"
6.     Talking Heads "A Clean Break"
7.     Television "Friction"
8.     Blondie "Accidents Never Happen"
9.     Lou Reed "Waves of Fear"
10.   Sonic Youth "Death Valley '69"
11.   Cop Shoot Cop "If Tomorrow Ever Comes"
12.   Scraping Foetus off the Wheel "The Throne of Agony"
13.   The Beastie Boys "So What'cha Want"

"Jumping in head first while slinging drinks, slapping down songs, and slurring our words, it’s The Good Music Show where our favorite songs become your favorite songs."

Set List
The Cramps “Tear It Up”
The Gun Club “Sex Beat”
Johnny Thunders “I Love You”
Dead Boys “What Love Is”
The Clash “Drug-Stabbing Time”
Stiff Little Fingers “Wasted Life”
The Damned “Neat Neat Neat”
The Undertones “Teenage Kicks”
Buzzcocks “I Don’t Mind”
The Jam “Going Underground”
Blondie “Dreaming”
The Ramones “I Wanna Be Well”
Chesterfield Kings “Up and Down”
Brimstone Howl “Easter At The Lewises'”
Reigning Sound  “Time Bomb High School”
Earth Girls “Exit Plan”
Mekons “Insignificance”
Jim Carroll “People Who Died”

Episode #26 (August 2016)

LIVE at GMan Tavern!
Genre: Genre Hopping Love Fest

Set List
The Resonars "Across the Golden Border"
The Monkees "Sunny Girlfriend"
Nobunny "Live It Up"
A Giant Dog "Not A Miracle"
TAR "Deep Throw"
Bastro "Recidivist"
The Phantom Surfers "Rheostat Rock"
Man or Astro-Man? "Reverb 10,000"
Link Wray "Fat Back"
The Saints "Lost and Found"
The Misfits "American Nightmare"
The Cramps "Tear It Up"
Sonic Lyne "Last Time"
Wells Fargo "Watch Out!"
The Equals "Baby Come Back"
The Clash "Rudie Can’t Fail"
The Ramones "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend"
Holly & The Italians "I Wanna Go Home"
My Bloody Valentine "Can I Touch You"
The Jesus & Mary Chain "The Hardest Walk"
Reigning Sound "Time Bob High School"
Tiger Trap "My Broken Heart"
Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers "New England"

Episode #25 (July 2016)

Love Songs and some not so lovely songs for spring (and summer) 
Genre: indie rock to noisy pop

Set List
My Bloody Valentine "Can I Touch You"
The Jesus & Mary Chain "The Hardest Walk"
Giant Drag "This Isn’t It"
Bleached "Think of You"
The Beets "Doing as I Do"
The High Strung Stares "Everywhere"
Rites of Spring "Remainder"
Naked Raygun "I Remember"
Tiger Trap "Supreme Nothing"
Cub "Pillow Queen"
Mikal Cronin "Gold"
Nothing "Bent Nail"
Band of Horses "Great Salt Lake"
Bedhead "Extramundane"
Le Butherettes "Henry Don’t Got Love"
The Raveonettes "That Great Love Sound"
The Wedding Present "It’s For You"

I said, "Drinking before noon ruins your day." He said, "It’s not ruined, it’s just been decided."
Genre: Indie rock to cheers your friends by ...or goodbye.

Set List
Galaxie 500 "Ceremony"
The Feelies "Away"
Hüsker Dü "Terms of Psychic Warfare"
Archers of Loaf "Web in Front"
Consonant "What a Body Could Do"
Mission of Burma "Forget"
Bobby Bare Jr. "Gun Show"
Joel RL Phelps & The Downer Trio "Waiting in the Water"
Ida "Poor Dumb Bird"
The New Year "Reconstruction"
Interpol "Stella was a Diver..."
Frightened Rabbit "Swim Until You Can’t See Land"
Ass Ponys "Swallow you Down"
The Replacements "Here Comes a Regular"
FETCH "Phoneless"

From the days when your stereo could make you laugh, cry or make you hear colors...
Genre: '60s feel-goods, classy tear jerkers, and turned-on psychedelic blues. 

Set List 
The Youngbloods "Tears Are Falling"
The Jefferson Airplane "Plastic Fantastic Lover"
The Monkees "Daily Nightly"
13 Floor Elevators "You’re Gonna Miss Me"
The Eyes "When The Night Falls"
The Troggs "Any Way That You Want Me"
The Turtles "It Ain’t Me Babe"
Herman’s Hermits "A Must To Avoid"
Simon and Garfunkel "Hazy Shade of Winter"
The Rascals "People Got To Be Free"
Coven "One Tin Soldier"
Cream "Strange Brew"
The Sorrows "Take A Heart"
The Brogues "I Ain’t No Miracle Worker"
The Yardbirds "Heart Full Of Soul"
The Groupies "Primitive"
Link Wray "Rumble"
Amazing Charlatans "Codeine Blues"
The Kinks "Sunny Afternoon"

It's The Rolling Stones vs. The Smiths…a musical battle no one can win.

Set List
Treepeople "Big Mouth Strikes Again" 
DEVO "(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction" 
Radiohead "The Headmaster Ritual" 
The Killers "Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself" 
Alex Chilton "Jumpin’ Jack Flash" 
Motorhead "Sympathy for the Devil" 
C'est la Mort "Girl Afraid" 
Teeth & Tongue "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" 
The Sisters of Mercy "Gimme Shelter" 
Firewater "Paint it Black" 
At the Drive-In "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" 
CUB "She’s a Rainbow" 
HUM "Hello Kitty" 
The Ramones "Out of Time" 
Kirsty MacColl "You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet, Baby" 
The Mekons "Heart of Stone" 
Jeff Buckley "I Know It’s Over" 

Digging deep into your corduroy coat pocket for $1.50 for a final pint of Leinenkugels at the Rainbo, you find a mixtape you made but happily never gave to an ex...

Genre: Indie Rock. Some so far left of the dial it needs a sub-station.

Set List
The Resonars 'Across the Golden Border' 
The New Pornographers 'Mass Romantic' 
Mates of State 'Quit Doin’ It' 
Neutral Milk Hotel 'Two-Headed Boy' 
Guided By Voices 'Tractor Rape Train' 
Teenage Fanclub 'Everything Flows' 
Treepeople 'Outside In' 
Superchunk 'I Guess I Remembered It Wrong' 
Alcohol Funnycar 'Rheostat Rock' 
Pond 'Perfect Four' 
C-Clamp 'Passing' 
Codeine 'Old Things' 
HUM 'Hello Kitty' 
Hurl 'Radishes'

'As we await the first snow of the year, best to curl up and rock back and forth with ditties filled with tears and joy...with a side of sorrow.'

Set List
Arcade Fire Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) 
Galaxie 500 Snowstorm
The Halo Benders Snowfall
Ass Ponys Last Night it Snowed
Old 97’s Melt Snow
The Cosmonauts It’s Christmas Day
Iggy Pop White Christmas
Psychic Ills Run Rudolph Run
HE 5 Jingle Bells
CUBNew York City
Guided By Voices Doughnut For A Snowman
The Walkmen While I Shovel The Snow
Archers of Loaf Assassination on X-mas Eve
The Pretenders 2000 Miles

Scott & Odie offer up 'a lonely drive home with a $2.00 bottle of wine and an unaccepted flower bouquet as your co-pilot while you hit deeper into the left of the dial.'

Genres: old school country, art-damaged rock, and melancholic jangle

Set List
Don Gibson Sea of Heartbreak 
George Jones The Race Is On 
Conway Twitty It’s Only Make Believe 
Bobby Vinton Blue Velvet 
Dex Romweber Duo Brazil 
Tom Waits Jockey Full of Bourbon 
Firewater Borneo 
The Velvet Underground Rock and Roll 
David Bowie Starman 
Roxy Music Virginia Plain 
The Psychedelic Furs Fall 
The Wedding Present Once More 
The Waterboys Fisherman’s Blues 
Dickey Lee Patches 
Hank Snow The Drunkard’s Son

Scott & Odie are 'swiggin' high-octane fuel while prepping your hearse to take a journey to outer space ... or something like that.' In other words, expect plenty of garage, surf/space and psychobilly.

Set List
The Kinks 'Till The End of the Day' 
The Sonics 'Psycho' 
The Monkees '(I'm not your) Steppin' Stone' 
The Gories 'I Think I've Had It' 
The Mummies 'Stronger Than Dirt' 
The Coffin Daggers 'Stella Vista 69' 
Feindo Six Hombres 
Messer Chups 'Diabolique Boogie' 
The Phantom Surfers 'Rheostat Rock' 
Man or Astroman? 'A Mouthful of Exhaust' 
The Catalinas 'Banzai Washout' 
The Astonauts 'Baja' 
Radiacs 'She's My Witch' 
Hillbilly Hellcats 'Ghost Train' 
Koffin Kats 'Chainsaw Massacre' 
3 Blue Teardrops 'West Texas Timebomb' 
Nekromantix 'Motopsycho' 
Hayride to Hell 'Death Dealer'

This week, The Good Music Show presents indie rock for the ages. Scott and Odie researched college radio charts from recent decades, and cherry-picked -- and played -- some of their favorite chart toppers.

Set List
The Jam “In the City” 
The Jesus and Mary Chain “Down On Me” 
Thee Oh Sees “Maria Stacks” 
Mark Lanegan “Sideways In Reverse” 
Wreck ‘Continuing Struggle” 
Magazine “A Song From Under the Floorboards” 
Daniel Ash “Coming Down Fast” 
Wire “Ex Lion Tamer” 
Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers “She Cracked” 
The Velvet Underground “White Light/White Heat” 
Any Trouble “Playing Bogart” 
The Plimsouls “A Million Miles Away” 
Archers of Loaf “Wrong” 
Guided By Voices “Sot” 
Pavement “Summer Baby” 
Silkworm “Couldn’t You Wait” 
The Wrens “This Boy Is Exhausted” 
Smog “A Hit”

8-Eyed Spy “Diddy Wah Diddy” 
These Immortal Souls “Marry Me (Lie! Lie!)” 
Sonic Youth “Stereo Sanctity” 
Butthole Surfers “Cherub” 
Big Lazy “Night Must Fall” 
Cop Shoot Cop “Hung Again” 
The Birthday Party “Blundertown” 
The Cramps “Muleskinner Blues” 
Big Black “Kerosene” 
Arsenal “When Heads Collide” 
Bastro “Floating Home” 
The Jesus Lizard “Thumbscrews” 
Psychic TV “The Orchids ” 

The Headboys “My Favorite DJ” 
Herman’s Hermits “A Must to Avoid” 
The Apples in Stereo “20 Cases Suggestive Of...” 
Big Star “September Gurls” 
Love and Rockets “All in my Mind” 
The Smiths “Shakespeare’s Sister” 
Beat Happening “Indian Summer” 
Junkie “Goofs” 
Throw Me the Statue “Ancestors” 
The Duke Spirit “So Good to Hear” 
Rocket from the Crypt “Ditch Digger” 
Black P***y “Lion’s Breath” 
Redd Cross “Annie’s Gone ” 
Ass Ponys “Swallow you Down” 
Mekons “Hard To Be Human Again”

SVT “Money Street” 
Epicycle “Hardcore Punks” 
Green “Gotta Get a Record Out” 
The Farmers “Green Pontiac” 
Jonathan Richmond “Road Runner” 
The Velvet Underground “There She Goes Again” 
The Talking Heads “Big Country” 
Eleventh Dream Day “Coercion” 
Blondie “Dreaming” 
Echo & The Bunnymen “Seven Seas” 
The Psychedelic Furs “Fall” 
The Fall “Crop Dust” 
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds “Mercy Seat”

The Clash “Rudie Can’t Fail” 
The Who “The Kids Are Alright” 
The Jam “In The City” 
The Creation “Making Time” 
The Easybeats “Friday on my Mind” 
The Boomtown Rats “Living in an Island” 
Graham Parker “Discovering Japan” 
The Rolling Stones “Little T&Al” 
Elvis Costello & The Attractions “Goon Squad” 
The Damned “Neat Neat Neat” 
Penetration “Don’t Dictate” 
Richard Hell & The Voidiods “Blank Generation”

David Bowie “Queen Bitch” 
Lou Reed “Waves of Fear” 
The Mekons “Hard to be Human” 
Robbie Fulks “Let’s Kill Saturday Night” 
The Silos “Drunken Moon” 
Squirrel Bait “Tapes to California” 
Lemonheads “Die Right Now” 
Seaweed “Recall” 
TAR “Deep Throw” 
Archers of Loaf “Wrong” 
Treepeople “Inside Out” 
Silkworm “St. Patrick’s Day” 
Seam “Decatur” 
Honcho Overload “Molasses” 
Hum “Double Dip”

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Love Burns” 
The Black Angels “You on the Run” 
The Spyrals “Evil Kind” 
King Dead “Drowning in Dust” 
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds “Up Jumped the Devil” 
The Great Crusades “Two Fishermen” 
Botanica “Good” 
No Art “Rhombus” 
Experimental Aircraft “Overseas” 
The Verve “Star Sail” 
Spacemen 3 “Take me to the Other Side” 
Syd Barrett “Wouldn’t you Miss Me (Dark Globe)”

The Saints 'Untitled' 
The Clash 'Remote Control'
The Ramones 'I Wanna be Well'
Social Distortion '1945'
D.O.A. 'The Enemy'
The Misfits 'I Turned Into a Martian'
G.B.H. 'City Baby Attacked by Rats'
Fang 'With Friends Like You'
Black Flag 'Revenge'
Dead Boys 'Sonic Reducer'
Wire 'Ex-Lion Tamer'
3 Blue Teardrops 'West Texas Timebomb'
The Coffin Daggers 'Psychonaut'
The Ghastly Ones 'Full Throttle, Empty Bottle'
Fiendo 'You Jerk'
The Ventures 'Journey to the Stars'
Big Dipper 'When Men Were Trains'
Trainwreck Riders 'Safety of a Back'
Dark Dark Dark 'Celebrate'
The Velvet Underground 'After Hours'

Spacemen 3 “Revolution” 
Cosmosnauts “Emerald Green” 
Bleech “Not Like You” 
Heartless Bastards “Brazen” 
The Rolling Stones “She’s a Rainbow” 
The Lemon Pipers “Green Tambourine” 
The Creation “Painter Man” 
Pink Floyd “Lucifer Sam” 
The Electric Prunes “Children of Rain” 
Dead Coast “Mystic Rider” 
Mind Flowers “Alive Death Grip (Let Go)” 
Heavy Shake “The Sauce” 
Violet Swells “Jupiter’s Garden” 
Dead Meadow “I’m Gone” 
The Hoa Hoa’s “Love is for Young People” 
The Beets “Doing as I Do” 
Captain 6 “This World goes by so Slow”

Echo & The Bunnymen “Heaven Up Here” 
The Smiths “What She Said” 
The Jam “It’s Too Bad” 
The Buzzcocks “Ever Fallen in Love” 
The Decendents “Hope” 
Naked Raygun “Suspect Device” 
Superchunk “Cast Iron” 
Avocado Jungle Fuzz “Up” 
Big Black “Pavement Saw” 
Elvis Costello & The Attractions “Watching the Dete ctives” 
The Psychedelic Furs “Alive (For Once in my Lifetime)” 
Firewater “This Chance” 
The Velvet Underground “Lisa Says”

The Monkees “I’ll Be Back Up on My Feet” 
The Monkees “The Door Into Summer” 
The Monkees “Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)” 
The Monkees “Shades of Gray” 
The Monkees “Words” 
The Monkees “Valleri” 
The Monkees “Papa Gene’s Blues” 
The Monkees “The Kind of Girl I Could Love” 
The Monkees “Sometime in the Morning” 
The Monkees “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You” 
The Monkees “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” 
The Monkees “Sweet Young Thing” 
The Monkees “Circle Sky” 
The Monkees “Salesman” 
The Monkees “Star Collector” 
The Monkees “No Time” 
The Monkees “Take a Giant Step” 
The Monkees “Auntie’s Municipal Court” 
The Monkees “Mr. Webster” 
The Monkees “Randy Scouse Git” 
The Monkees “Daily Nightly” 
The Monkees “Porpoise Song”

Young Statues feat. Brianna Collins “A New England (Billy Bragg)” 
Elvis Presley “Blue Moon (Rodgers & Hart)” 
Yo La Tango “You Tore Me Down (Flamin’ Groovies)” 
Firewater “Hey Bulldog (The Beatles) ” 
The Feelies “Paint it Black (The Rolling Stones)” 
Husker Du “Eight Miles High (The Byrds)” 
The Clash “I Fought the Law (Bobby Fuller Four)” 
Social Distortion “Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)” 
Nirvana “In the Pines (Lead Belly)” 
Crooked Fingers “Solitary Man (Neil Diamond)” 
The Flatirons “Crazy Train (Ozzy Osbourne)” 
Echo & The Bunnymen “Friction (Television)” 
The Crimson Ghosts “Attitude (The Misfits) ” 
Johnny Ramone “Viva Las Vegas (Elvis Presley)” 
The Silos “I’m Straight (Jonathan Richmond)” 
Rowland S. Howard “White Wedding (Billy Idol)”

The Animals “San Franciscan Nights” 
The Monkees “Sunny Girlfriend” 
Donovan “Epistle to Dippy” 
The Velvet Underground “Foggy Notion” 
The Rolling Stones “Out of Time” 
Hedgehoppers Anonymous “It’s Good News Week” 
The Cyrkle “Red Rubber Ball” 
Peter & Gordon “A World Without Love” 
Lulu “To Sir With Love” 
The Association “Never My Love” 
The Stone Poneys “Different Drum” 
Judy Collins “Both Sides Now” 
Coven “One Tin Soldier” 
The Troggs “With a Girl Like You” 
The Byrds “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue” 
The Kinks “Mindless Child of Motherhood” 
The Beatles “Rain” 
Pink Floyd “Bike” 
Status Quo “Pictures of Matchstick Men”

Scraping Foetus off the Wheel “The Throne of Agony” 
Swans “Like a Drug” 
Cop Shoot Cop “Burn Your Bridges” 
Big Black “Things to do Today” 
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds “Red Right Hand” 
Tom Waits “Going Out West” 
16 Horsepower “For Heaven’s Sake” 
Credence Clearwater Revival “Effigy” 
Roxy Music “In Every Dream Home a Heartache” 
Psychedelic Furs “Blacks/Radio” 
The Saints “No, Your Product”

Squeeze “Pulling Muscles from the Shell” 
Rockpile “Teacher, Teacher” 
Graham Parker “Pourin’ it all out” 
Nick Lowe “American Squirm” 
Elvis Costello & The Attractions “Blue Chair” 
The Mekons “Memphis Egypt” 
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians “Sleeping with your Devil Mask” 
The Fall “Victoria” 
The Wedding Present “Once More” 
House of Love “Destroy the Heart” 
Swervedriver “Rave Down” 
Ride “Vapor Trail” 
My Bloody Valentine “Slow” 
Jesus and Mary Chain “You Trip Me Up” 
Echo and The Bunnymen “Do It Clean” 
The Smiths “Shakespeare’s Sister” 

Babes in Toyland “Bruise Violet” 
Tad “Flame Tavern” 
The Heartbreakers “Born To Lose” 
Mudhoney “You Got It” 
Wreck “Mikey” 
Mule “I'm Hell” 
Gringo “Mexico” 
The Cramps “Bop Pills” 
Flat Duo Jets “Anthem” 
Phantom Surfers “Pygmy Dance” 
X “Johnny Hit And Run Paulene” 
The Gun Club “Sex Beat” 
Jim Carroll Band “People Who Died” 
Epicycle “Hardcore Punk” 
Green “Gotta Getta Record Out” 
Any Trouble “Playing Bogart” 
The Farmers “Green Pontiac” 
Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers “Ice Cream Man” 
The Velvet Underground “After Hours” 

Nothing “Bent Nail” 
Wolf Parade “California Dreamer” 
Poster Children “Dynamite Chair” 
Rapeman “Steak and Black Onions” 
The Clash “Safe European Home” 
Buzzcocks “I Don’t Mind” 
Pavement “Here” 
Th’ Faith Healers “Heart Frog” 
The Resonars “Across the Golden Border” 
Guided By Voices “Echos Myron” 
Arcwelder “Raleigh” 
The Birthday Party “Happy Birthday” 
Television “Marquee Moon”