The Silent K 

Beginning in March 2010 Transistor Radio presented the semi-regular “comedy quiz”" show The Silent K, a celebration of obscure and/or useless information, a heady synthesis of junk food and junk culture: “a party for smarties.” The show rewarded correctness with fabulous prizes (usually candy) and punished wrongness with mockery (and candy), and every show's best contestant had a chance to win a Transistor gift card. Co-hosted by Brian Hischier and Jeremy Pautz -- innovators in the fields of humorous interrogation and the tactical deployment of miscellany -- The Silent K ran for more than a year, and most of the 22 episodes they produced are available from the audio players below, along with a “Roundtable” interview the co-hosts sat for (actually, if memory serves, they were both standing).

Please note: Episode numbers don’t necessarily reflect the sequence of episodes that were produced.


Andy Miles produced, recorded and edited all episodes of The Silent K.