Presented by Joshua Wentz, Show of Songs shares the ever-expanding "background music" playlist for Show of Hands (, an independent design and craft show in Chicago. The event features 100+ local and regional makers, and the music is 100% Chicago indie acts.

Track List:

1. Karate by Boundary Waters

2. Arbor Theme by Cory Gul

3. Golden Moses by Pixel Grip

4. Grow Restless by Maxel Toft & Andy Dietrich

5. Know That by Blac Samurai

6. No One Was Supposed To Know by Low Swans

7. Afterglow by Silvergirl

8. Jump for Joy by Wolfgang Violet

9. Patlabor by Joshua Wentz

10. Reassign me by Jessica Risker

11. 10,000 by Nick Butcher


Track List:

1. "Sustainability" by Headphone Jack

2. "Untitled" by Cider Provider

3. "Dragonfly" by Conrad Merced

4. "Kept" by Evan Ireland

5. "I See You Among The Stars" by Jessica Risker

6. "I Love You Too" by Haberdashery

7. "Traffic" by Matt Christensen

8. "Self Destruct" by Nightlife

9. "Pine Soul" by Chicken Boy Nick

10. "Won't Mind" by Nativity Beds

Photo of Joshua Wentz by Nicholas Young.