Studio C is a podcast and voiceover recording studio with multiple microphones (AKG P120s, AKG P420, Shure SM-58), Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 second-generation audio interface, 12-channel mic/line Mackie mixer, Zoom H4n digital recorder, two Stanton T62 turntables (with Numark mixer), and iMac workstation loaded with Logic, Abelton Live Lite, Pro Tools | First, Reaper and GarageBand.

The studio is in the basement of Transistor and is available every day during store hours (Monday-Friday 12-8, Saturday 11-7, Sunday 11-6). If you want to take a quick tour, book a session, or just ask some questions, please reach out to Transistor by phone or text, 312-539-7257. If you’d like recording and/or editing assistance with your project, please email Andy at

Chicago “marathon whisperer” and author Coach Denise recording the Audible version of her book,   Me, You & 26.2

Chicago “marathon whisperer” and author Coach Denise recording the Audible version of her book, Me, You & 26.2


Andy Miles is available for drum lessons in the Frank and Vanessa Navarette Performance Studio, also in the basement of Transistor.

He says: “I offer drum and drum set lessons for aspiring drummers of any age.  Lessons take place on a five-piece Ludwig drum set complete with crash and ride cymbals, hi-hat and a variety of other percussion instruments.  Rates are $20 per 30-minute lesson (students only need sign up for one lesson at a time; no commitment beyond that is necessary). I take students through basics of technique, using first a snare drum and then the full drum set, teaching paradiddles and patterns, and a range of rhythmic styles that include pop, rock, hip-hop, funk, jazz, bossa nova, and more. Most of all, lessons focus on what students want to play and play along with. (Lessons also vary based on the number of lessons students expect to take and the degree of expertise they hope to achieve.) All first lessons include a free pair of drum sticks for the student!  

“I started playing drums in the fourth grade, going on to join junior and high school orchestras and a long series of rock bands from the mid-'80s on.”

If you’d like to learn more or book your first lesson, please call or text Andy at 312-631-9408, or reach out by email: