September 17, 2017

Special Sunday night event: Houndstooth Quartet. Sound by Jon Monteverde.

The Houndstooth Quartet works with contemporary composers and concepts in order to make new ideas into new music.

The members of the Houndstooth Quartet came together in the city of Chicago with a mutual objective of engaging in a career of professional string quartet playing. The group comprises four of the most capable and invested musicians working within the genre and is determined to engage on their ambitious venture in a condition of the most intense and perpetual collaboration.

The Houndstooth Quartet has a unique aptitude for preparing music in collaboration with still-living composers and providing performances of pieces that have been composed in reflection of the current temporal environment. The quartet does not only prefer this genre, but also feels responsible for providing high-quality performances within it. 

Min Park
Myra Hinrichs
Eric Hollander
Audrey Q. Snyder

Visit the Houndstooth Quartet’s website.

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