September 12, 2014

Friday night live at Transistor: Reid Karris, LIFEAFTERSIX and Led Astray. Sound by Jon Monteverde.

Reid Karris is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound experimentalist and improviser hailing from Chicago, trying very hard to get all the music stuck in his head out for all the world to hear. After spending years as an odd guitarist trying to fit in with the world of rock music, Reid shifted his focus towards improvisation and noise. His primary instruments for doing so are prepared guitar and drum kit sent through electronics. He performs with various groups with guitar, including Set Self on Fire, HKM Guitar Trio and the Chicago Scratch Orchestra. He also plays drums in the experimental duo Step Slow. His solo music, which usually consists of albums utilizing prepared guitar and percussion, have been released on the Chicago label Pan Y Rosas Discos.

For this solo performance at Transistor, Reid played prepared guitars with electronics and loops.

Chicago duo LIFEAFTERSIX was formed in 2011 by Eric Hill and Meg Thomas. They create a unique sound through their aggressive musicianship that will melt your face; yet the songs have a sophisticated nature to them. Think rock, metal, world influences, and prog in a slick, shiny cocktail shaker. While their music has been compared to Soundgarden and Metallica, they are a two-piece band that is breaking new ground with their signature wall of sound.

Visit LIFEAFTERSIX's website.

What happens when you throw Townshend, Tchaikovsky, and Timberlake into a blender? Well, you get a big mess...but you also get Led Astray. Sarah and Eric are two musicians who decided to get together and give their original ideas a spin. They're both in a rock band called Jeff Brown & The New Black, and Sarah is involved in a number of groups covering Irish music, blues, jazz, pop, and folk, in addition to teaching fiddle at the Rock House in Wilmette, IL.

Visit Led Astray on Reverb Nation and Facebook.

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