October 16, 2015

Friday night live at Transistor: experimental electronic music from H.P. Hovercraft & The Neck Romancer and Aphorism, with live video by MFchicago. Sound by Jon Monteverde.   


For the past 200 years Chicago’s Mark Psilos and Dart Bartsmith have secretly and repeatedly – through the combined use of esoteric electromagnetic signal generating devices, repetitive rhythms, herbs, spices, aroma therapy, chanting, medieval alchemical method, as well as ancient secret ritual magic known only to select group of initiates in mystic occult tradition – attempted to open a portal chaining together the infinite parallel dimensions of the Multiverse. On this October night 2015 H.P. Hovercraft & The Neck Romancer will for the first time attempt these rituals together in a public setting. Live manipulation of repeating rhythmic patterns generated by a computer and a modular synthesis device rooted in the dance music traditions of Chicago, Detroit, Kingston, and Lagos is what you can expect.

Aphorism’s Josh Pyle is a Chicago-based artist who creates a powerful hybrid of analog and digital soundscapes. With a previous release on Tympanik Audio and a few compilation appearances spanning the range from ambient to experimental to industrial, Aphorism delivers heavy beats fused with melodic themes and digital complexities, blending disparate sonic elements into an innovative, cinematic style of modern electronic music.

For his performance at Transistor, Aphorism joined forces with video artist MFchicago for a set of experimental-influenced electronics that will take listeners through an engaging and disruptive audio-visual experience.

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Poster by Kendra Hutchings

Poster by Kendra Hutchings

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