November 14, 2014

Friday night live at Transistor: experimental hip-hop/abstract soul from Morbidly-o-Beats, jazz- & funk-infused hip-hop instrumentals from Harris Cole, and electronic funk & house duo Tasty Prizes. Sound by Jon Monteverde.


Morbidly-o-Beats is from Chicago, born and bred, and his music is a reflection of such. With multiple projects and collaborations, his style of production is ever-evolving. Cutting his teeth in Denver playing shows with the likes of Samiam, Teebs, Mathew David, Ras G, and Take, to name a few, he came back home to Chicago to further expand on an already thriving beat scene and co-created Filthybroke Recordings, as well as releasing music with various other labels. His live performance consists of him manipulating all original music with an SP-555 and Kaoss Pad. A Sound for sore ears.

Visit Morbidly-o-Beats on Soundcloud.


Harris Cole is an 18-year-old beat-maker based out of Chicago specializing in jazz- and funk-infused hip-hop instrumentals. Co-owner of Blvnt Records, Harris is a young advocate for old school hip-hop heads across the world.

Visit Harris Cole on Soundcloud.


Tasty Prizes consists of members Lech Simmons (drums/textures) & Tom Langan (keys/synthesizer), who, after being in the soul group The Feel!, found a common interest in electronic music. They are influenced by artists like Caribou, Blondes, The Field, Daft Punk, Nigel Rodgers, James Murphy, Herbie Hancock and the styles of Chicago house, Detriot techno, jazz fusion and disco soul. These two talented musicians improvise big synths and textures over classic house beats with a nu-disco twist.

Visit Tasty Prizes on Soundcloud.

Panoramic shots by Craig Atkinson

Panoramic shots by Craig Atkinson

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