May 9, 2014

Friday night live at Transistor: Steven Slivka and mitre. Sound by Jon Monteverde.

Steven P. Slivka's musical past includes a vast array of genres and styles, from experimental art rock to gypsy jazz to orchestral soundtracks. His current music represents an uncompromising vision, a music unstuck in time and place. Blending free playing through electronics with elements of 20th century avant-garde, psychedelia, and hot jazz tunes of the 1920s, he pulls together these discarded shards of music into a Dadaist stream of consciousness that can seem pulled from a future that never was.

For his performance at Transistor, Steven played a completely improvised solo guitar set through an array of disruptive electronics, both audio and visual.

Visit Steven Slivka on Bandcamp.

Scott Richardson has been recording and performing improvised guitar-based ambient music as mitre for more than a decade. He creates aural landscapes often conducive to reading, painting, meditating, knitting and sleeping.

Visit mitre on Bandcamp.

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