May 6, 2016

Friday night live at Transistor: dusty folk pop from Steven Gilpin, country-folk from Nashville-based troubadour Matt Campbell, and indie singer-songwriter Randi Russo.  Sound by Jon Monteverde.


Steven Gilpin makes dusty folk pop in Chicago. A lefty player on righty guitars and ukuleles, he sings about love, loss, regret, fear, hope and change. Most recently, he took part in FAWM (February Album Writing Month) and laid down a 14-song album called “Don’t Cry, Wolf.” His last physical release, “Syndrome,” came out on Valentine’s Day 2014. 

Visit Steven Gilpin on Bandcamp.

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Nashville-based troubadour Matt Campbell is set to release "For The People," a live album recorded at the Hideout in Chicago.  It marks Campbell's seventh independent release in 10 years, featuring several new songs.  He also continues his trend of community involvement, most recently playing an instrumental role in the revitalization of American Legion Post 82 on Nashville's East Side.  Both on and off stage, Campbell is one of the most relevant voices in a generation.  We invite you to listen to For The People here

For this Transistor appearance, Matt Campbell performed selections from his latest release, "For The People," as well as new songs not yet heard.  Longtime tour-mate and collaborator Calvin Conway provided harmonies and harmonica.  

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As a solo artist Randi Russo has released three full-length albums, Solar Bipolar (2002), Shout Like A Lady (2006) and Fragile Animal (2011), and the EP still standing still (2005). She has toured the U.S. and Europe and opened shows for artists like Regina Spektor, Here We Go Magic, White Rabbits, Nicole Atkins and Ida. The Village Voice has said, “Randi’s someone to keep your eye on…all she needs is one gig opening up for someone like Cat Power and her fame is pretty much guaranteed.” Randi left New York City for Chicago in the summer of 2012. She is also a painter.

Visit Randi’s website.

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