May 23, 2014

Friday night live at Transistor: Matt Borghi & Michael Teager and The New Samuel Mösching Trio. Sound by Jon Monteverde.

Matt Borghi (guitars, electronics, voice) and Michael Teager (saxophones, flute) are dedicated to creating honest and inspired music that's rich with improvisation and ambient sound texture that's always true to their exploration of music, creativity and friendship and in service of their live performances. Borghi and Teager's curiosity takes listeners on a triptych that's inspired by jazz improvisation and ambient space music, where Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" could be quoted inside a dense ambient microsymphony that's reminiscent of Brian Eno or Tangerine Dream. However, their eclectic work doesn't stop there, because as professional musicians they're just as likely to do an orbital rendition of the classic jazz standard "Autumn Leaves" or to drive towards an otherworldly Pink Floyd-esque jam in either case taking the listener on a journey into sound.

Borghi and Teager's set is comprised of laptop and effect treated ambient guitar with saxophones and flute. Unlike many in the ambient and space music genre, Borghi and Teager first and foremost are focused on the experience of live performance. They look to take anything that they do in the recording studio to the stage with the same spontaneity and serendipity, making every performance unique but also familiar. Borghi and Teager played selections from their critically acclaimed 2013 release, "Convocation," as well as new material that they'll be taking into the studio in the spring 2014. Listeners can expect a deep and immersive listening experience with few musical breaks.

The New Samuel Mösching Trio plays Mösching's compositions almost exclusively. His music is strongly influenced by the European classical traditions of polyphonic and modern classical music and the American traditions of blues, jazz and free improvisation. The trio as been on tour in Europe and the U.S.

Samuel Mösching is a Swiss guitar player and composer currently living in Chicago with an artist visa that the U.S. granted him in 2013. He has headlined performances internationally, including in Switzerland, Germany, Ireland, England and Argentina, being accompanied by illustrious artists like John Stowell, Grammy nominee Mars Williams, Maggie Brown, Vincent Davis, Ed Wilkerson, Shawn Wallace, Gerry Hemingway, Jonas Tauber, Kendra Shenk and Marilyn Crispell. He studied music in Switzerland and holds a masters degree in performance and composition.

Mike Harmon, the upright bass player of the trio, is in between the schools of bass players Charlie Haden and Scott LaFaro. He obtained a masters in music degree from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2012. Mike has performed internationally and with many world-class artists, including Robert Pinsky, Kurt Elling, Steffon Harris, Bobby Broom, Ron Perillo and many others.

Drummer Peter Manheim's interest and love of Brazilian music led him to Brazil, from where he recently returned after six months of studying, teaching and performing music. He holds a bachelor of music degree from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, where he studied primarily with Billy Hart and Jamey Haddad. Peter performs internationally and has had the privilege of performing with such artists as Gary Bartz, Miguel Zenon, and Robin Eubanks.

For their Transistor set The New Samuel Mösching Trio performed original material from their latest Album, "Up". The group plays an original blend of European impressionistic music and soothing jazz.

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