May 17, 2013

Friday night live at Transistor: Elizabeth Bagley, Leroy Slim and The Unswept. Sound by Jon Monteverde; mixing on Leroy Slim and The Unswept by Charlie Crane. Also check out live at Transistor videos of Leroy Slim and The Unswept.

Elizabeth Bagby is a Chicago musician, writer and actor. When she isn't playing solo, she sometimes plays guitar with The Loudness War and The Unswept and bass with The Enablers. She has written and arranged music for a dozen or so productions with various theater companies. As an actor, she has appeared in shows with Signal Ensemble Theatre, The Ruckus, side project, Actor's Gymnasium, Raven, Velvet Willies, and many others. A company member of Strange Tree Group, she has performed in five of their shows and composed for two; Strange Tree presents her play "The Half-Brothers Mendelssohn" this June. Her Transistor was a bit folkabilly, a bit rock, a bit Great American Songbook.

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[We hope to have audio soon.]


Leroy Slim is a country-rock outfit from Chicago. For their Transistor set, Ramsen Isaac played rhythm guitar and sang; Charlie Crane played lead guitar.

The O'Brien cousins, Charlie and Ryan, grew up on the same estate in sunny Sheffield, U.K. and attended university near London. With a couple mates at school they formed The Council Walls, whose one and only independently released single, "Unimpressive," managed to scrape the bottom rungs of the local indie charts. Following a show on a stifling summer night at the 100 Club that ended in a food fight, the band split. Charlie & Ryan soon found their way to the USA, eventually settling in Chicago, Illinois, and forming The Unswept. They now write and record tunes in a small but tiny apartment in the Logan Square neighborhood.

The Unswept is:

Charlie O'Brien -- Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards
Ryan O'Brien -- Vocals, Drums, Guitar, Percussion

For this set they were joined by Elizabeth Bagby on guitar and Thomas Zeitner on bass.

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Also check out the live set on Bandcamp!

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