May 10, 2013

Friday night live at Transistor: Frankenstein Earphone Radio, Brash Flair and The Wrong Omar. Sound by Jon Monteverde. (Photos by Nicolas Young.)

Frankenstein Earphone Radio is native Chicagoan and artist Steven Fletcher, who offers this ... The Patchwork Monster, named after his Doctor, Zapped into life on your Eyesight Television, Blasts out the Beats like Nuclear Fission! Sick Searing Treble Tones and Booming Bass Decibels coil 'round your Cochlea and make you Drop your Mandibles! The Dope Jams are mainly about Monsters and Sex, the proper kind of voltage for your Cerebral Cortex, Lycanthropic tendencies, sentient plants provoking Dendrophilia, but this ain't Rock, and it just ain't Hip Hop,not IDM or Noise or Funk or Improvised or Post-Bop; it's E.C.T. for your L-E-G's, an Orgone Slam to make you weak in the knees, it's an Aberrant Mess in Schizophrenic Stereo, hypnotic FRANKENSTEIN EARPHONE RADIO!

Visit Frankenstein Earphone Radio on Soundcloud.

Brash Flair combine disparate musical fragments and nestle organic, clean songs amongst the resulting debris. Chicago multi-instrumentalist Joshua Wentz and versatile soprano Kristin Johnston explore elements of triphop and downtempo, finding moments where storytelling and soundscapes coalesce.

Visit Brash Flair online.

Also available: a previous Brash Flair Transistor performance from September 14, 2012 (their first public performance!)

Singer/songwriter Joey Shaheen, aka The Wrong Omar, continues his "Sled Dawg Slushy" tour in support of his recent release, "Shoot Up The Town." His solo acoustic show follows a string of radio and TV performances throughout the Southeast and Midwest. Soulful work on the piano leads to a set of guitar/harp and foot tambo songs that can be best described as "crying tears of joy while making love." You might also laugh yourself silly with some of his stories.

At Transistor the Wrong Omar presented a night of roots/folk/rock with blues harp, stories and rock 'n' roll aphorisms.

Visit the Wrong Omar on ReverbNation.

Poster by   Joshua Wentz

Poster by Joshua Wentz

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