March 21, 2014

Friday night live at Transistor: Yellow for David. Sound by Jon Monteverde.

Started in 2012, Yellow For David is the intellectual love child between Zach Batteiger and Henry Geraghty. A sonic blend of serialism, drone, and folk, we are not technically allergic to cheese but prefer not to eat it in large amounts. Yellow for David’s sound is generated through working with musique concrete, which is a way of utilizing electroacoustic sounds. Their technique is improvisation/randomness that interweaves patterns and spaciousness within recorded sounds. Their process is starting with vague ideas that gradually stitch themselves together into a more concrete piece. Motif in each piece is important for Y4D, in order to provide listeners with something that sticks them after the music stops. By using recordings of guitars, piano, drums, vocals, and sounds from the world in general, Y4D mixes and arranges noise to create experimental folk music.

Visit Yellow For David's Soundcloud page.

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