June 6, 2014

Friday night live at Transistor: Rent Party, Matt Campbell and Many Places. Sound by Jon Monteverde.

Nana Zabic has performed and recorded both solo and as a member of Patti's Breakfast, Good Apples, and The Adaptations. Although she's been living in the United States since 2002, her style bears an imprint of her Yugoslav roots: Nana grew up surrounded by both American and European rock and pop, as well as the traditional melodies and rhythms of her homeland situated between East and West. Heather Brown (left) has been known to play guitar and sing at college campuses, coffee shops, front porches, barrooms and living rooms up and down the East Coast since 1995. She and Nana Zabic met in Wilmington, NC in 2004 and bonded over music, poetry, and the fact that everyone they met was certain they were sisters. Heather moved to Chicago in the fall of 2013, and she and Nana formed Rent Party. Their Transistor set was a combination of singer/songwriter originals and covers, from Gillian Welch to Bruce Springsteen (and a splash of Marvelettes).

Visit Rent Party's website.

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Americana auteur Matt Campbell (pictured in hat at mic) returns to Transistor on the heels of his newest release, "Live at the Old Town School of Folk Music." A one-time Chicago resident, Matt currently resides in Nashville, TN. He was recently named a "need to hear" by American Songwriter magazine. His 2013 release, "No Tattoos," is a collection of singles recorded over the course of three years in four states, with multiple bands and engineers. David Olson of SoundParlor wrote, "Matt Campbell's range suggests that he's not necessarily bent on preserving folk music; rather he seems committed to reviving it, exploring it, and carrying it onward to the next generation."

Joined by guitarist Mike Wolf and bassist Andrew Wilkins, Campbell on this night reached into an ever growing, poetic and powerful catalog of songs to spin tales of "love, travel, introspection and times gone by."

Visit Matt's website.

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Indie band Many Places has been playing in and around Chicago since 2010. Comprised of musicians Kevin Rieg, Nick Godden, Matthew Hennessey, Neil Erker and Geoff Dolce, they have crafted their sound from a solo acoustic, lo-fi project to a progressive melodic five-piece. Over the past several years members of the group have made mixed duo and solo appearances at Transistor. On June 6th they came as a full band to play songs off their upcoming EP entitled ‘Plurals,’ scheduled for release June 10th.

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