June 26, 2015

Friday night live at Transistor: acoustic rock and folk from TaylorChris Rawlins and Scott & Odie. Sound by Jon Monteverde.  

Taylor Fortner is a singer-songwriter, artist and waitress from the southwest Chicago suburbs. She has been playing music and coming up with tunes since she was a kid. She is a completely self-taught musician, learning from books, peers, and her parents’ old records. Her musical influences include Hank Williams Sr., Glenn Miller, Elmore James, and The Velvet Underground (to name a few). Currently, Taylor is a solo acoustic act playing around the Chicago area. Her music has been described as a folk, blues, country style.

Visit Taylor’s Soundcloud page.

Chris Rawlins is a jazz, folk and blues-based singer-songwriter transplanted to Chicago from Kalamazoo, MI. His journey into songwriting has been circuitous. An English major turned alt rocker, and eventually turned jazz guitarist, he got most of his initial music experience as a guitarist and bassist in alternative rock bands performing regionally in Michigan. His own songwriting came about through his fascination and immersion in both the music of artists like Elvis Costello and Bob Dylan, as well as the early jazz sounds of Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday, and songwriter Irving Berlin. Creating a blend of finger-style guitar, jazz, pop and rock sounds, Chris Rawlins is currently performing solo acoustic shows in the city of Chicago and recording his first solo album to be released in summer 2015.

Visit Chris Rawlins’ website.

Veterans of Chicago’s indie music scene, Scott and Odie culled from the deep catalogs of the rock bands that they have led together the past two decades. Most notably, they played songs from their current project FETCH (Pravda Records) as well as from their first band together, Avocado Jungle Fuzz (regrettable name, great songs). The AJF songs are rarely performed live, so get while the getting is good! Scott and Odie were excited about the opportunity to pare down their tunes to the most basic elements and perform them in an intimate and artful setting. And, as the hosts of The Good Music Show, they were especially thrilled to perform alongside other local musicians whom they deeply respect. This was the duo’s debut performance at Transistor.

Find FETCH on Facebook.

Poster by Kendra Hutchings

Poster by Kendra Hutchings

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