June 20, 2014

Friday night live at Transistor: Chaz Hearne, Brendan Losch and Steven Gilpin. Sound by Jon Monteverde.

Chaz Hearne is a lifelong performer and songwriting musician from western New York. He has played with different groups all over Chicago for the past few years. His music sounds as if someone threw Elliott Smith and Zooey Deschanel in a blender. When he is not making music he can be found eating tacos and/or writing Batman fan fiction. For his Transistor set he will sing and play both banjo and guitar.

Visit Chaz on Bandcamp.

Brendan Losch is a singer-songwriter from Chicago. Inspired by life experiences and the surrounding environment, Brendan composes a heartfelt sound imbued with intimate chords, melodic vocals and simple yet contemplative lyrics. His infectious harmonies will remind you of the loved blanket you slip around your shoulders on a chilly fall night.Playing at well-known venues in Chicago such as Schuba's, Beat Kitchen, Bottom Lounge and Subterranean has enabled Brendan to establish himself as a respected musician. He has shared the stage with popular acts such as Phosphorescent, Bowerbirds, The Dodos, Greg Laswell, Nicole Atkins, Jenny Owen Youngs, Brooke Waggoner, Joshua James, Cotton Jones, and Surfer Blood. Brendan is currently at work on a new album, which he plans to release in 2014. For this set, Brendan was joined by John Morton.

Visit Brendan's website.

A native of Chicago, Steven Gilpin plays dusty folk-pop on upside-down guitar/ukulele and sings in a fairly conversational manner. His lyrics are often self-deprecatingly honest, as he's not really trying to hide anything and is no stranger to humiliation and heartbreak. His emotive, passionate voice is matched by his rhythmically intense strumming. His new album, "Syndrome," was released on Valentine's Day 2014 and can be found on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and CDBaby. Steven also participated in FAWM (February Album Writing Month) this year, writing and recording 20 songs in the month of February; the whole enchilada can be streamed and downloaded for free on Bandcamp.

Visit Steven's Soundcloud page.

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