June 13, 2014

Friday night live at Transistor: Jeff Kolar and Peter Speer and Coppice. Sound by Jon Monteverde. 

Jeff Kolar (pictured above in dark blue shirt) is an audio artist and curator working in Chicago. His work, described as “speaker-shredding” (Half Letter Press) and “wonderfully strange” (John Corbett), includes cross-platform collaboration, low-powered radio, and live performance. His work often activates sound in unconventional, temporary, and ephemeral ways using appropriation and remix as a critical practice. Jeff is a free103point9 Transmission Artist, and the founder and acting director of Radius, an experimental radio broadcast platform. Visit Jeff Kolar's website.

Peter Speer is a musician based out of Chicago. Using modular synthesizers and oscilloscopes, he creates experimental pieces of audio/visual electronic music. Examples of recent work can be seen on his website.

Coppice (Noé Cuéllar and Joseph Kramer) is a Chicago-based duo of bellows and electronics. Since its formation in 2009, Coppice has produced original compositions for stage, fixed media, and performed installation settings, uncovering sonic textures and compositional ideas that are peculiar to their unique instrumentation. Their latest releases include "Vantage/Cordoned" (caduc.), "Big Wad Excisions" (Quakebasket), and the free download series "Hoist Spell Extensions" (Quakebasket). Visit Coppice's website.

Also available: a previous Coppice Transistor performance from April 19, 2013.

Also available: an interview Coppice did on Transistor Radio’s Roundtable program (February 20, 2011).

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