July 20, 2012

Friday night live at Transistor: Theron Humiston and Handsome Tyrants. Sound by Dominic Armstrong.

Theron Humiston is an improvising noise musician and composer from Chicago. With a focus on modular synthesizer performance, Theron's soundscapes are usually abrasive yet tonally and rhythmically grounded.

Theron studied composition and improvisation under Stephen Syverud at Northwestern University. Past works include Music for Guitar and Chainsaw, Texas Double Whopper, Antagonism #1: Europop, and several performances and recordings with electroacoustic improv outfit backGammon. Theron also produces the "Classical & Beyond" and "This is Hell" radio programs, Saturdays on WNUR.

Listen to his music on Soundcloud.

Handsome Tyrants are a Chicago-based electronic trio delving into the depths of experimental electronic music with influences in hip-hop, psyche, ambient and industrial. Their influences include Brian Eno, Matmos, Throbbing Gristle, Coil, Flying Lotus, George Clinton, Radiohead and Boards of Canada.

Shortly after crossing paths working in a Greek restaurant, Ryan Dempsey and Jeremy Alvarez found a common love for synthesis and psychedelia. After a year of experimenting with sounds, the two started writing songs as Handsome Tyrants. Juan Sanchez joined the outfit in the summer of 2011. They are currently writing and recording together with the intention of subliminally controlling the masses of the world. 

Listen to Handsome Tyrants on Soundcloud.


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Pictured left to right: sound people Dominic Armstrong, Janna McCluskey and Jon Monteverde