July 12, 2013 

Friday night live at Transistor: Subnaught, Eitarnora and Cinchel. Sound by Jon Monteverde.

The first live music performance in our new space at 3441 N. Broadway!

Inspired by Autechre, J.S. Bach, Contrails, and the California Coast, Subnaught seeks to probe the ever-shifting boundaries between sound and music using the techniques of granular synthesis, field recording, stochastic composition, and just intonation. Experiments have been released on the 3m33s and Future Sequence netlabels, and a small selection of physical objects is available at the artist website: subnaught.org.

For his Transistor set Subnaught played two pieces, both involving processed violin. "In the first piece, the overtone spectrum of the open G string is slowly traversed while the resulting sounds are sampled at random and rearranged to form a melody in just intonation. The second piece is an improvised assemblage of recorded sounds, chopped, filtered, looped, and slowly turning in the wind."

Eitarnora is Jon Rosenthal and Val Dorr. The duo creates sessions of improvised folk/Americana-infused drone, with drifting harmonium tones, finger-picked classical guitar and bursts of multi-instrumental grandeur.

For their Transistor set Eitarnora played a few free-form dronefolk tunes.

Cinchel is a Chicago-based musician working with guitar, effects and laptop to create abstract ambient music that is both minimal and dense. He is influenced by the compositions of Glen Branca and Rhys Chatham and the production work of Tim Hecker, Fennesz and Ben Frost. Says Cinchel: "I like the beauty that is an ensemble of guitars, where the whole ensemble is a large instrument that no longer sounds like a guitar."

Cinchel's Transistor set consisted of improvisational multi-looped and processed live guitar, with no pre-recorded samples.

Visit Cinchel's website: cinchel.com

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