January 30, 2015

Friday night live at Transistor: indie pop from Jack Campbell and electronic chamber rock from Dial In. Sound by Jon Monteverde.

Jack Campbell is a Minnesotan songwriter currently residing in Chicago, known around the globe for his placement on the Internet radio drama "Welcome to Night Vale." His college education in jazz and obsession with pop music have led to tunes that are both perfectly groovy and lyrically sound. Campbell is currently in a cycle of continuing his college education and touring the U.S. in support of his recent full-length release.

Visit Jack Campbell's website.


Dial In is the newly reformed pairing of writers and performers Shane Wirkes and Daniel Modica. Together, the two formally trained composers and musicians create a unique brand of dark, cinematic, piano-based chamber electronica. Their sound is equal parts synthetic and acoustic, creating a contrast that builds tension and dissonance, yet strides towards calming resolution. Their more striking, electronic elements are elegantly offset by their carefully arranged base of organic instrumentation. Dial In performs as a two-piece band. Daniel plays an 88-key piano, invoking the harmonies and dexterity of Chopin and Liszt. Shane sings while simultaneously triggering beats and samples in real time. It is at once chamber music and beat-driven electronic rock, grandiose and immediate.

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