January 22, 2016

Friday night live at Transistor: folk rock from David Anthony MarshallSteven P. Robinson and Scott & Odie. Sound by Jon Monteverde.


Veterans of Chicago’s indie music scene, Scott and Odie culled from the deep catalogs of the rock bands that they have led together the past two decades. Most notably, they played songs from their current project FETCH (Pravda Records) as well as from their first band together, Avocado Jungle Fuzz (regrettable name, great songs). The AJF songs are rarely performed live, so get while the getting is good! Scott and Odie were excited about the opportunity to pare down their tunes to the most basic elements and perform them in an intimate and artful setting. And, as the hosts of The Good Music Show, they are especially thrilled to perform alongside other local musicians whom they deeply respect. This was the duo’s second performance at Transistor.

Also available: a previous Scott & Odie Transistor performance from June 26, 2015.

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Originally from Manchester, England, now residing in Chicago, Steven P. Robinson toured the scene in various bands and guises before venturing alone. As far back as 2004 he released ‘The Thrill of Discovery, The Pain of Invention’ to favorable reviews from (now defunct!) music websites Angry Ape and High Voltage; he also had a co-release with French record label Drunkdog and a feature on Fat Cat Label’s demo archive. After a musical hiatus he broke out of his cocoon and formed two-piece Adam & Steve for a one-off show in 2010 and EP Release 'And On The 6th Day God Created Adam & Steve.“ Following that, Steven P. Robinson has released several solo EPs and continues to record and play shows around town.

For this Transistor set, Steven P. Robinson performed his own curious brand of lo-fi indie folk. Expect songs from previous EP releases, new numbers and a possible surprise!


For his performance at Transistor David Anthony Marshall played songs written that day, songs written two days prior, songs written two years prior and some written one hundred years prior. This traveler will treat the audience as a close confidant.  He was joined by Jack Mazzenga.

Visit David Anthony Marhsall’s website.

Poster by Kendra Hutchings

Poster by Kendra Hutchings

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