January 2, 2015

Friday night live at Transistor: Three artists from Lungbasket Recordings -- Karl, Absolute Paradise, Vesper Chimes -- assembled to provide a full evening of quiet music drawing from American folk music tradition, hymns, and other influences. Sound by Jon Monteverde.

Karl is a collection of songs by Brittany Karlson: a gaggle of melodies dependent on traditional American music influences and improvising impulses. Karl's first album is to be released on Lungbasket Recordings in January 2015. It features Karlson on bass and voice along with Sam Lisabeth and Ethan T. Parcell on resonator guitars, creating one giant sonority of wooden instruments and voice. In live performance, Karl's songs may include any assortment of bass, various guitars, or alto clarinet and drums, thanks to Ethan. Karl combines "folk melodies with free sensibilities."

Visit Karl on Soundcloud.


Absolute Paradise is the work of Alec Watson, a musician living and working in Boston, MA. Writing for guitar and voice, Watson embraces the American song form with quiet intensity. His first album, "Absolute Paradise," was released on Lungbasket Recordings in the fall of 2013, a "small and meaningful batch of songs with warmly grand and devotional ideas presented as a highly personal document." Watson grew up in Geneva, IL, and attended the New England Conservatory of Music.

Visit Absolute Paradise on Bandcamp.


Vesper Chimes is the duo of Hannah Bureau and Ethan T. Parcell, two classically trained musicians creating new folk music using fragments of hymn tunes and texts, a “beautiful, elusive, and extremely focused music that reveals itself patiently to you.” They have performed across New England and held residence at the Hewnoaks Artist Colony. In 2014, they released their first album, “occasional short day for also empty property,” on Lungbasket Recordings.

Visit Vesper Chimes on Bandcamp.

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