February 15, 2013

Friday night live at Transistor: Steven Gilpin and Brice & The Inklings. Sound by Jon Monteverde.

Steven Gilpin plays upside down guitar and ukulele and sings dusty folk pop. His songs have an air of nostalgia and self deprecation-- a celebration of love, loss, doubt, disenchantment and hope. In 2009 he released Days Get Shorter, a full-length album recorded in his Wicker Park bedroom. More recently, in 2011, he released an EP called Forgive Yourself.

Listen to more of Steven's work from Soundcloud.

Brice & The Inklings is the sound of the ghost in the wires. The home recording project of Chicago songwriter and beatmaker Brice Woodall (pictured left, with Sasha Geffen, glockespiel and keys) bridges the organic and the synthetic, the embodied and the digital. Sourcing sound from shortwave radio, 20th century films, makeshift percussion, and a growing arsenal of analog toys, Brice & The Inklings serve as a safe haven for play, growth and synthesis. The project grapples with the unlikely way we've come to use innovative technology for preservation and retrospection but isn't content to stay trained on the past. Instead, Woodall wields the project as a weapon against the cynicism, self-absorption and neurosis that suffuses our increasingly digital world. Alternately spectral and warm-bodied, Brice & The Inklings follow the life inside the landscape to whisper out a meditative, hopeful strain of meticulously crafted electronic pop.

Visit Brice online:

Poster by   Chien-An Yuan    (note: Brice & the Inklings were initially called Powerlines)

Poster by Chien-An Yuan
(note: Brice & the Inklings were initially called Powerlines)

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