December 20, 2013

Friday night live at Transistor: XYZR_KX, Will Farina and Joshua Wentz. Sound by Jon Monteverde.

As XYZR_KX, Jon Monteverde combines beat-oriented electro-acoustic experimentation with melodicism, songwriting and melancholic hushed vocals. Over the course of three albums, his music has been described as "essential lo-fi bliss" (Illinois Entertainer), "enigmatic yet pleasing" (Giant Robot), and "pure joy" (Beach Sloth). Visit XYZR_KX's website.

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Will Farina is currently pursuing a doctorate in literature and makes electronic music in his spare time. His set will be comprised of sample-based loops and atmospherics. Visit Will on Soundcloud.

Joshua Wentz is a multi-instrumentalist composer and performer living in Chicago. Driven by a love for all musical genres and styles, he enjoys developing new and interesting collaborative projects and improvisational performance techniques with local and remote artists. Visit Joshua's website.

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Poster by   Joshua Wentz

Poster by Joshua Wentz

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