December 16, 2011

Friday night live at Transistor: XYZR_KX. Sound by Dominic Armstrong.

On this night Transistor welcomed the premiere screening of VISIONS OF ASTROPOLIS, with a live music performance by XYZR_KX.

XYZR_KX is Jon Monteverde, Chicago-based indie-rock/electro-pop wunderguy. With this project, Monteverde redefines the boundaries of the traditional pop song by simultaneously incorporating hushed vocals, serrated guitars, and chaotic beats.

Beach Sloth calls the "giddiness" of some of the tracks on Secession in Astropolis "positively infectious. XYZR_KX has created a crisp, happy little album." The Illinois Entertainer considers the album "Essential lo-fi bliss for anyone sick of cloying emo lyrics and cut-up juxtaposition."

Poster by   Chien-An Yuan

Poster by Chien-An Yuan

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(Pictured: sound man Dominic Armstrong)