December 11, 2015

Friday night live at Transistor: indie folk rock from Silvergirl, meditative indie rock from Anti/Beyond, and intricate folk rock from Chaz Hearne. Sound by Jon Monteverde.  

Silvergirl is Steve O'Connell and Joshua Wentz. They’re from Chicago. They like music. Listening. Playing. Singing. Making. Melody. Harmony. Fuzz. Beats. Blips. Whirs. Keys and Guitars.

For this Transistor show Silvergirl was joined by Adam Melberth on bass. The trio played new songs from their upcoming release “If Now, So When,” as well as a few new arrangements of some old holiday favorites.

Visit Silvergirl’s on website.

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Anti/Beyond is a Chicago-based indie act who arranges delicate, androgynous vocals over pop structures to create an uniquely “meditative” experience. Meditative indie rock means just that; this is pop music meant to be enjoyed with the blinds drawn, lights dimmed and eyes closed. Drawing on influences ranging from The Decemberists to Drake, Anti/Beyond arranges experimental and acoustic sounds over delicate vocals to create a uniquely meditative experience.

For this Transistor appearance, Anti/Beyond played a solo acoustic set, using a drum machine and loop pedal as accompaniment.

Visit Anti/Beyond’s website.

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Chaz Hearne is a folk musician who thrives in extremes. From intricate finger-picked acoustic numbers to all-out rock anthems, everything is topped off with thoughtful melodies and a barely restrained enthusiasm. After releasing his debut solo effort, “The Legend of Core Dynamo,” Chaz formed The Big Dynamo Band. He now alternates between what he calls “the beauty and the beast” style of performing, sometimes playing beautiful folk music on his own and sometimes getting the Big Dynamo Band together for political anthems.

For this Transistor performance Chaz played acoustic guitar and banjo and was joined by Alex Gilewicz on cello and vocals.

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Poster by Kendra Hutchings

Poster by Kendra Hutchings

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