Blame It On The Boogie: Deep & Dirty Disco, Funk & Soul From Lechstafari is deep vinyl cuts from a deep time. Lechstafari brings back the funk & boogie that shapes today's modern dance music. From '60s soul to '90s house, he follows the transformations of the groove through one of the most influential periods of music.

Lechstafari is a Chicago-based vinyl-spinning DJ specializing in soul, disco, funk, Afrobeat and house. He has a regular soul night at the Red Door the last Friday night of the month and DJs in and around Chicago. Visit Lechstafari’s website and follow him on Instagram & Twitter @lechstafari.

Also available from Transistor Radio: DJ Lechstafari’s Open Format.

DJ Lechstafari doing a DJ set at Transistor in 2015

DJ Lechstafari doing a DJ set at Transistor in 2015


Stevie Wonder- RESPECT
Booker T and the MG’s- Chicken Pox
Wilson Pickett- Funky Broadway
Nathaniel Hawthorne- I Want Love and Affection
Diana Ross and the Supremes- Baby Love
The Olympics- Do A Little Bit More
Afrique- Kiss My Love
Sunny Ade- Eni Binu Wa
Mtume- Juicy Fruit
Parliament- Unfunky UFO
Sylvester- Body Strong
Three Dog Night- I Can Hear You Calling
James Brown- Thank You For Letting Me Be Myself

Anita Ward- Ring my Bell 
Eruption- I Can’t Stand the Rain
Love Unlimited- I Need Love
Celi Bee- Love Drops
Tony Allen- Afro Disco Beat
The Brothers Johnson- Strawberry Letter #23
Herbie Hancock- Spiders
Charles Wright- Express Yourself
Donaly Byrd- Cristo Redentor
The Budos Band- T.I.B.W.F

Stevie Wonder- Boogie On Reggae Woman
Jimmy Cliff- The Harder They Come
Byron Lee- Back Home
Bob Marley and the Wailers- Small Axe
Dennis Brown- Sitting and Watching
The Lafeyette Afrorock Band- A Zeta
Afrique- Slow Motion
The Lafeyette Afrorock Band- Soul Makoosa
Talking Heads- I Zimbra
WITCH- Introduction
WITCH- Motherless Child
The Blackbyrds- Do It Fluid
Sly- Back on the Right Track
Lee Fields- Wanna Dance
The Temptations- Shaky Ground

Witch- Lazy Bones 
Jimmy Cliff- Sitting in Limbo
Bob Marley- Could You Be Loved
Jimmy Cliff- The Harder They Come
Sly and the Family Stone- Remember Who You Are
The Blackbyrds- Reggins 
Booker T and the MGs- Chicken Pox
Ricky Hodges and the Funky People- Don't Destroy Our Love
Gospel Ensemble- What You Need
Eddie and the Ant Hill Mob- I'm a Number Runner
Tribe Called Quest- Verses from the Abstract & Show Business
Pharcyde- Trust (remix)
Mtume- Juicy Fruit

The Budos Band - King Charles 
Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Hihache
Afrique - Dueling Guitars
Fela Kuti and Africa 70 - Sorrow, Tears and Blood
Tony Allen and Afrika 70 - Afro Disco Beat
Fela Kuti- Colonial Mentality
Tirogo - Tirogo

Lafleur- Dance til we drop
JR Funk and the Love Machine - "Feel Good, Party Time"
Risky Changes - "Bionic Boogie"
Crystal World - "Crystal Glass"
Executive Suite - "Why In the World Do They keep On Funking With Me
Donna Summer - "Our Love"
Sylevester - "I Need somebody To Love"
Sylvester - "Stars"
The Strikers - "Hold On To This Feeling"
Stargald - "Which Way Is Up"
Jimmy Sabatar - "To Be With You"
The Bar-Kays - "Shake Your Rump To The Funk"
The Bar-Kays - "Innjoy"

Third World- cross reference 
Liquid Liquid- Group Me Group 
Lafayette Afro Beat Rock Band- Hihache 
Pharcyde- Trust (remix) 
Quincy Jones- Stomp (Ultimate Stomper) 
T-Connection- Midnight Train 
Magnum Force- Want you So Bad Remix 
Brass Construction- We Can Do It 
Heatwave- Holiday 
Prince- Computer Love 
Lillo- Trust Me 
JR Funk and the Love Machine- Feel Good, Party Time 
Bar-Kays- Move Your Boogie Body 
Gino Soccio- Try It Out 
Parliament- Unfunky UFO 
GQ- Boogie Oogie

Budos Band- Ghost Walk 
Toure Kunda- Banny 
Herbie Hancock- Spider 
Passion- Get On Up and Do It Again 
Sylvester- Do You Wanna Funk 
Lilllio Thomas - Trust 
Mtume- Ready For Your Love 
Rick James- Call Me Up 
T-Connection- Saturday Night 
Gino Soccio- Hold Tight 
The Strikers- Body Music 
Digitalism- Jupiter Room 
Mix Masters Feat. Andrea- How Low Can You Touch Me (Booglemans mix) 
ORS- Moonboots 
Santa Esmerelda- Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood 
Joe Simon- I Need You, You Need Me 
Boney M- Ma Baker

Uncle Louie- Full-tilt Boogie
T-Connection- Midnight Train
Cameo- We're On The One
Peter Brown- Burning Love Breakdown
Sylvester- Star
Barry White- Ecstasy
Brass Construction- How Do You Do
ERuption- I Can’t Stand the Rain
Roy Ayers- Running
Arts & Crafts- I’ve Been Searching
Jr Funk and the Love Machine- Feel Good, Party Time
Universal Togetherness Band- Pull Up
Lillo Thomas- Who Do You Think You Are?
Stephanie Mills- You Can’t Run From My Love
Mtume- Rainbow Dancer

Harvey Sutherland- New Paradise
The Black Madonna- Exodus
Harvey Sutherland- Bermuda
The Blackbirds- Do It, Fluid
Rod Lee- Bang Bang
CLS- Can You Feel It- In Da House Mix
Disco Demand- Sizzle
Parliament- Prelude
Harvey-Allison Experience- This Is Our Love Story

Brian jonestown Massacre- Monster 
Serguei- Ourico
WITCH- Lazy Bones
Lafayette Afro Rock Band- Darkest Light
Disco Demand- Get Ret Ready
Cheri- Give It To Me Baby
Daniel Avery- Drone Logic/Spring
CAribou- Can't Do Without You
Sylvester- Stars
Tears for fears- Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Real 2 Real ft. Mad Stuntman- Go On Move
Indeep- When Boys Talk
Marco Spoon- Gotta Get Back
Tony Sineni- Rhythm of the Beat
Ken Allison- Freedom (Sweet) Freedom
Anita Ward FEat. BNY- Ring My Bell (dubbeat Mix)
Passion- Get It Up and Do It Again
Georgio Morodor- Knights in White Satin
Cold Turkey- Get On Up
Donna Summer- Try Me

Zapp- Dancefloor 
The Strikers- All Night Long 
Edwin Birdsong- Phiss Phizz 
Sylvester- I Need Somebody To Love 
Lillo- Girl You Too Cool 
Groove Patrol- Need Your Love 
Theo Parrish- I Can Take It 
Tribe- Unkown 
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings- Thing On My Mind 
Afrique- Soul Makoosa 
Juicy- I’ve Got Something 
Sister Sledge- Thinking of You 
Stevie Wonder- Don’t You Worry About a Thing 
Wilson Pickett- International Playbody 
Al Green- Tired of Being Alone 
The Strikers- Hold On To That Feeling 
Sylvester- Do You Wanna Funk 
ORS- Moon Boots

Imagination- This Means War 
Wilson Pickett- International Playboy 
Sylvester- Star 
CLS- Can You Feel It (Blizzard Mix) 
Lafleur- Dance tip we Drop 
Wooly- Acid Dolphins 
Naughty by Nature- OPP 
Rod Lee- Let’s Get it On 
DJ Boobie- Do It 
Cheri- Star Struck 
Brass Construction- Can You See the Light 
Sizzle- Love is all Around 
Junior- Unison 
Sly & The Family Stone- Remember Who You Are 
Mtume- Hips 
Patrice Rushen- Sojourn

Merengue y bembe- Orquestra la solucion
Jesus Wayne- The Chicago Party theme
Magnum Force- Girls that Move Remix
Magnum Force- Girl you’re too cool
Rick James- Call me up
Donnell Pitman- love explosion
A Taste of Honey- You
Zapp- Dance Floor
Indeep- When boys talk
Cameo- Energy
Lafleur- Dub tip we drop
Screamin Rachel- Don’t Make me lonely (jere mcallister mix)
Quincy Jones- stomp (lustre mix)
Heatwave- Put the word out
Sylvester- I who have nothing
No Assembly firm vs wooly- warm and wet
Freddie James- Get up and boogie
Sly and the Family Stone- In time
Black Blood- a.i.e (a mwana)
Budos Band- buds theme
Donald Byrd- Cristo Redentor
DJ boobie- Get on UP
Jesus Wayne- Rush

Brick- Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody
Edwin Birdsong- Freaky Deaky Sities- 2:50
Various Artists- downtown #1 mix- 5:57
The Invisible Man’s Band- All Night Thing- 10:24
The Strikers- Hold on to this feeling- 16:35
Mtume- Juicy Fruit- 20:27
ORS- Disc Mussorgksy- 24:20
Celi Bee- Love Drops- 26:25
GQ- Disco Nights- 29:40
The Gap Band- Shake Your Booty- 32:20
Juicy- I’ve got Something- 35:25
The Ohio Players- Love Rollercoaster- 38:53
Sister Sledge- Thinking of You- 41:05
Stephanie Mills- You Can’t Run from My Love- 44:50
Rodger- Play Your Guitar, Brother Rodger- 48:20
Prince- d.m.s.r- 51:50

toure kunda-Salaly Muhammed 0:00
Afrique- House of Rising Funk 2:16
The Pops- Som Imaginario DE Jimmi Hendrix 5:15
Sharon Jones & The Dapkings- Got a Thing on My Mind 7:03
Parliment- P.Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up) 9:45 
Todd Terje- Johnny & Mary (33rpm) 11:40 
ORS- Body to Body Boogie 12:49 
Tony Allen Plays with Afrika 70- Afro Disco Beat 15:25
The Jb’s- Thank you for you letting me be myself 20:49
Quincy Jones- Stomp! 26:25
Frantique- Strut your Funky Stuff 28:18
Prince- Let’s Work 31:20
Marcus Miller- Loving’ You 32:45
Wooley- Acid Dolphins 35:25
Loletta Holliway- Love Sensation 38:25
GQ- Make My Dreams a Reality 44:10
Gino Soccio- Hold Tight 47:45
W.I.T.C.H- Black Tears 49:40

DJ Boobie- Get on up 
Foe- Are you da bomb 2:05 
DJ BOOBIE- Do it 3:50 
Flavio Rago presnets Cave society- We got Love 6:10 
Donna Summers- Bad Girls 7:58 
Groove Patrol- Need your love 8:40 
Physique- Such a Joy( STOMPIN’)- 10:45 
Mike Cleveland & Reggie Thompson- DJ delight 12:15 
Sizzle- Love is All around 13:10 
Sister Sledge- Lost in Music 15:12 
Tasty of Honey- World Spin 18:00 
The Commodores- Squeeze The Fruit 20:00 
Edwin Birdsong- Phiss-Phizz (Tasty Remix)- 22:05 
Quincy Jones- Stomp! (Frankie Knuckles Remix) 28:24 
Junior- Unison 29:58 
Prince- All the Critics love you in NY 32:00 
S.O.S Band- Just Be Good To Me 35:15 
Mtume- Spirit of the Dance 38:40 
Michael Jackson- Get on the Floor 41:10 
Lynn Collins- Think 44:30 
Foe- Blow up Girl 46:10 
Groove Patrol- Such a Joy 48:29 
Donna Summers- MacArthur Park- 53:10

NaFoe- Are you Da Bomb
Lolette Holloway- Love Sensation
Donna Summer- Heaven Knows
ORS- Moonboots
Brass Construction- Can you See the Light
Heatwave- Party Poops
The Strikers- Inch by Inch
Cameo- Energy
Celi Bee- Love Drops
ESG- Moody
Stex- One More time
Lillo Thomas- Trust Me
Shalamar- Playthang
The Jacksons- That's What You Get
Sylvester- Body Strong
Naughty by Nature- OPP
The Bar-Kays- She Talks to me With Her Body
Nathaniel Hawthorne- Love and Affection
Charles Wright- Express Yourself
The Temptations- Shaky Ground
The Gap Band- Shake

Record Store Day mix

Tony Allen- Progress (3:40)
Afrique- Soul Makoosa (7:08)
Talking Heads- I Zimbra 
ESG- Tell You (10:10) 
Nightstar- Body Groove (Get in the Groove) (12:45) 
Giorgio Moroder- Knights in White Satin (15:15)
Diamond K- Freak Dance (Louies Louies Mix) (18:12) 
Marcus Miller- Loving You (20:05) 
DJ Boobie- Get on Up (23:45) 
Juicy- I’ve Got Something (25:45) 
Mtume- Dance Around My Navel (28:50) 
Prince- Let’s Work (30:10) 
The O’Jays- For the Love of Money (33:20) 
Crystal World- Crystal Grass (35:40) 
Sylvester- Dance (Disco Heat) (37:55) 
The Bar-Kays- Up In Here (45:55) 
Roy Ayers- Running Away (48:50)

Michael Jackson- Working Day and Night
The Bar-kays- Up In Here
Edwin Birdsong-Lollipop
Todd Terje- Norse Intro (slow band)
Todd Terje- Delorean Dynamite
Juicy- I've got Something
ESG- Dance
Mtume- Spirit of the Dance
Prince- Partyman
Frantique- Strut Your Funky Stuff
Donna Summers- Bad Girls
Lillio- You're a Good Girl
The Jackson 5- Things I Do for You
The Bar-Kays- Shake Your Rump to the Funk
Cheri- Star Struck
Joe Simon- Drowning in the Sea of Love
Chic- Everybody Dance
The Gap Band- Shake
Jermaine Jackson- Burnin' Hot
Sylvester- I Need Somebody to Love Tonight
Imagination- Just an Illusion
Nelue- All Night
Mtume- Hips

Herbie Hancock- Doin' it
Deodato- Whirlwind
Ful Kunda- Lazy Intro
WITCH- Lazy Bones
Sly & The Family Stone- It's not adding up
Lyn Collins- Give it Up or Turnit Loose
Parliament- Unfunky UFO
Patrice Rushen- Roll with The Punches
Sister Sledge- He's the Greatest Dancer
Brick- We Don't wanna Sit down, We wanna Get down
Slave- Party Hardy
The Jackson 5- All Night Dancin'
G.Q- This Happy Feeling
Cameo- Energy
Afrique- Soul Makoosa
Wild Cherry- Don't Wait to Long
Rick james- Give it to Me Baby
Lillo- You're a Good Girl
Prince- Baby I'm a Star
Fred Wesley & The Horny Horns- Between Two Sheets

Loleatta Holloway- Dreaming
Chic- Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah)
Mtume- Green Light
Giorgio Moroder- Knights in White Satin
Loleatta Holloway- Love Sensation
Joe Simon- I Need You, You Need Me
The Chi-Lites- Stop What You're Doing
DJ Woodo- There is A Saying
GQ- Disco Nights
Sylvester- Body Strong
The Jackson 5- Things I Do for You
The Gap Band- Shake
Heatwave- Too Hot to Handle
Sylvester- Do Ya Wanna Funk
Bang Orchestra- Rush
Physique- Such Joy
Sylvester- I Need Somebody to Love

Michael Jackson- Off the Wall
Hall & Oates- I can't go for That
Lionel Richie- Can't Slow Down
Edwin Birdsong- Kunta Dance
The Strikers- Give it What you got
Mtume- You Love's Too good
The Ohio Players- Love Rollercoast
My Magician- Love Trinale
Wild Cherry- Try a pice of My love
The Bar-Kays- Shake Yo Booty
Taste of Honey- Boogie Oogie Oogie
Peter Brown- Crank it Up
Cheri- Star Struck
The strikers- Strike it Up
The Bar-Kays- Loving you is my Occupation
Lillo- You're a Good Girl
Blondie- Rapture
Prince- Let's go Crazy
Edwin Birdsong- Lollipop

Patrice Rushen- The Hump
The commodores- Brick house 
Patrice Rushen- Roll with the Punches
GQ- Disco Nights
Lee Fields- Last Dance
Todd Terje- Strandbar (slow mix)
Heatwave- Ain’t half stepping’
Brick- Hello
Heatwave- Boogie Nights
Wilson Pickett- International Playboy
Little Sony- Eli’s Pork Chop
The Bar-Kays- Sock Soul 
Tony Allen Featuring Afrika 70- Progress
WITCH- Havoc
Lafayette Afro Rock Band- Darkest Light
Slave- Separated
Bar- Kays- Too Hot to Stop

Juicy- I've Got Something 
The Strikers- Give it what you Got
Roy Ayers- Running
The Bar-Kays- Up in Here
Don Ray- Got to have Loving
ESG- Dance
Sylvester- I need somebody to Love
Edwin Birdsong- Phiss- Phizz
Donna Summer- Love to Love you Baby
Donna Summer- Bad Girls
Jeannie Reynolds- the Fruit Song
Gino Soccio- Try it Out 
The Bar- Kays- Shake Your Rump to the Funk
Jermaine Jackson- Let's get Serious
Frantique- Strut Your Funky Stuff
James Brown- The Payback
Michael jackson- Working Day and Night
Chic- Everyboody Dance
Loleatta Holloway- Love Sensation