August 7, 2015

Friday night live at Transistor: free improvisation ethno-psychedelic “jazzcore” from Nimitta and punk/free jazz from Galaxxu Pair. Sound by Jon Monteverde.

Nimitta: a mental sign, image, or vision that arises spontaneously in the course of dreaming or meditation. Nimitta the band started out of necessity, two friends trying to piece together a band that would make unique ideas and sounds. As the band waited for more members to come along, the two started improvising, practicing and recording. Stepping away from traditional songwriting, the duo chose to play only improvisational material, whether it be live or in recordings. This allowed each playing experience to be completely unique to the players, and the listeners, and avoided the setback of repetitive playing of existing material. Every experience is unique. Each musical experience arose spontaneously. Each experience is Nimitta.

For their Transistor set, Nimitta offered free improvisation and exploration that brought to mind early Hella, Storm & Stress and, at times, just straight-up chaotic noise punk.

Visit Nimitta on Bandcamp.

Galaxxu Pair is the base entity of the expanding Galaxxu punk/free-jazz collective. This is the sound of galaxies colliding: beauty and chaos, stars dying and giving way to new systems in their wake. Like the wreckage of crashing particles, snippets of song-forms flicker in and out of existence. Notes and chords clash with drum hits and cymbal crashes. Guitars bubble and squeak, chirp and crunch. Rhythms pummel and flutter, shatter and coalesce. These are unearthly sounds emanating from decidedly terrestrial origins. Full of angst and bliss, this is free-form musical expression for a dying world that still retains a glimmer hope, at least for now.

For their Transistor set, Galaxxu Pair performed an improvised set of punk/free jazz, blurring the line between terror and beauty.

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