August 29, 2014

Friday night live at Transistor: Mereology, Jim Jane and Joe Medina. Sound by Jon Monteverde. 

Mereology (an allusion to philosophy of parts and wholes) is electronic music by Will Farina that moves between constructive and object-oriented form. He has performed once before at Transistor and promises to bring another evocative assemblage of sound, re-sampling original samples into minimalist phrases that orbit about his daisy-chained box of outboard gear. By suspended loops and improvised manipulation, ordinary sounds -- household percussion, guitar, keyboards etc. -- meld into a miasmic composition of strange texture never too far from decomposition. Aside from practicing and contemplating the sparkling reality of sound as paradoxically immediate and withdrawn phenomena, Will currently researches Romantic-period literature at Loyola where he teaches English and composition.

Visit Mereology on Soundcloud.

Also available: a previous Will Farina Transistor recording from December 20, 2013.

Jim Jane is Scott Moore and Lauren Wyper. Their music is made of electronically affected natural instruments and vocals that rotate around blues, drone, and No Wave sounds. They have been working together for three years and just recently have decided "to take our sounds public." Scott is a composer from Florida and Lauren is an artist from Los Angeles, although they both now make music out of Pilsen in Chicago.

Joe Medina of the band San Francisco band MERCH performed a monologue "that weaves together a debilitating bout with meningitis, a destructive relationship, and a behind-the-scenes glimpse at his attempt to make one of the greatest break-up albums of all time."

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