August 15, 2015

Special Saturday night event: from Columbus, Ohio, modern jazz sextet Screeching Owl, plus Chicago's Ali/Humphreys Duo. Sound by Jon Monteverde.

Screeching Owl was formed in early 2015 by Zakk Jones, who wanted to create a group outside of school to gig with and present original music. In April, Screeching Owl put out an EP called “Dreams of Yesterday,” featuring six original compositions by Zakk; it has been featured and reviewed on, and more. The group maintains a revolving roster of musicians, allowing each performance to be a completely new, yet polished, experience.

For their Transistor set, Screeching Owl played all original material that bridged the gaps between rock, modern jazz, drum 'n' bass, and more.


Zakk Jones - guitar 
Steven Jacobs - trumpet 
Billy Wolfe - tenor sax 
Elliot Scozzaro - alto sax 
Ryan Folger - drums 
David Wolbert - bass

Watch Screeching Owl on YouTube video.

Ishmael Ali Zghoul is a guitarist and composer currently residing in Chicago. He is originally from Columbus, Ohio, where he studied music at Capital University, graduating with a B.A. in music and a minor in art history. Ishmael relocated to Chicago in fall of 2013 to pursue his master's degree in jazz studies with a focus on composition. His current projects include Zebec, a quintet that plays original music as well as music from Dr. Yusef Lateef's One Hundred Twenty Three Duets; The Ali/Humpherys Duo, which performs weekly at Café Bella; and a septet that Ishmael also writes for.

Also available: Ishmael Ali Transistor performances from:
April 10, 2015 (as Zebec)
November 21, 2014 (as Zebec)

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