August 1, 2014

Friday night live at Transistor: Axons, Lykanthea and Brice Woodall. Sound by Jon Monteverde. 

Axons is Chicago-based producer and songwriter Adele Nicholas. Blending pop melodies, gritty guitars, wispy synthesizer lines and thumping drum machine loops, Axons makes dance music with a bleeding punk rock heart. The EP "Inter Vivos" is out now.

Visit Axons' website.

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Lykanthea is Lakshmi Ramgopal, an experimental solo musician based in Chicago. Drawing on a decade of Carnatic training, she alchemizes spectral vocals and synths to form transient, enveloping worlds. Lykanthea's debut "Migration" dropped digitally and on cassette on July 29. Written and recorded in Chicago and the Greek island of Delos, the EP enshrines her distinctive vocal style in lingering soundscapes and song structures based on tragic Greek choruses. In her onstage incarnation, Lykanthea layers synths and vocals to create ominous, hypnotic performances.

Visit Lykanthea's website.

Also available: a previous Love and Radiation performance (featuring Lakshmi) from March 30, 2012.

Alternately spectral and warm-blooded, the live incarnation of songwriter/beatmaker Brice Woodall's work bridges the organic and the synthetic, the embodied and the digital. Brice draws upon shortwave radio, film samples, and a growing arsenal of analog toys to cut an oblique face on synth-pop. His electro-acoustic arrangements build walls only to cut them down, puncturing thick atmospherics with clean guitar, beats and keys. This is the sound of the ghost in the wires, a weapon against the cynicism and neurosis that permeates our increasingly digital world.

Brice describes his live set as "lo-fi folktronica" with "beats, keys, guitar strings, white noise."

Visit Brice's website.

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