April 8, 2016

Friday night live at Transistor: experimental electronic music from Marsden Giolas and Tetra F(x).  Sound by Jon Monteverde. 


Marsden Giolas is a musician, producer, artist and DJ who currently works and resides in Chicago. He recently graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he concentrated on audio/music production as well as new media/video art design and development.He is currently producing experimental electronic dance music that has a tendency to fall within multiple genres. This blurring of boundaries and genres is by far one of his output’s greatest strengths.

Before joining forces with the Garden House label, Marsden released two extended players, two singles and one long player on Bandcamp as well as publicly available demo tracks on Soundcloud. He deftly incorporates the styles of intelligent dance music (IDM), glitch, ambient, down tempo, break beat, dub step and drum and bass into his music.

Find Marsden Giolas on the Garden House Records website.

Also available: a previous Marsden Giolas Transistor performance from June 12, 2015.

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Tetra F(x) is Sean Walker, an electronic musician/producer who also records under the name Owls & Pillz. Aside from music Sean also develops audio processing software and is equal parts musician and technologist. Like many of today’s musicians, Sean produces within the digital realm utilizing both software and hardware to produce heavy-hitting experimental, avant-garde, and ambient dubstep.

Tetra F(x) draws inspiration from the environment; skate parks, forests, the city of Chicago and the great beyond pushing beyond dubstep’s sometimes clinical restraints and into more chilled territory. Follow Tetra F(x) on SoundCloud, Twitter, or Facebook to keep up with current releases.

For  this Transistor set, Tetra F(x) improvised an Ableton Live DJ set, mashing up and manipulating loops from his original music.

Also available: a previous Transistor Owls & Pillz performance (featuring Sean Walker) from September 25, 2015.

Poster by Kendra Hutchings

Poster by Kendra Hutchings

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