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Andy Miles regularly offers up 15 Songs, a mix of music new and old from Transistor Radio's 40,000-song library. That means lots of indie rock and electropop, but it also includes post-punk, post-rock, New Wave, No Wave, Britpop, dream pop, trip-hop, math rock, Kraut rock, glam, lounge, soul, lo-fi and the hard-to-classify.

Always Andersonville Monthly is a podcast produced by the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce with Transistor Radio; it brings together the month's interviews from the weekly Always Andersonville podcast.   

Blame It On The Boogie: Deep & Dirty Disco, Funk & Soul From Lechstafari is deep vinyl cuts from a deep time. Lechstafari brings back the funk & boogie that shapes today's modern dance music. From '60s soul to '90s house, he follows the transformations of the groove through one of the most influential periods of music. We hope to re-launch the show in 2019.

Until April 2018 Bring Your Own Beat was the show in which Transistor Radio invited sound artists of all kinds to create an original piece. Beginning in June 2018 BYOB also became a platform for guest DJs to craft and present a playlist of songs.     

The Cine-Cast is a monthly podcast from, a website that spotlights alternative, underground, and non-commercial screenings in Chicago. The podcast features commentary from Cine-File contributors, as well as interviews with people in the local film community and information about upcoming screenings. [This show is no longer part of Transistor Radio’s programming, but look for current and future episodes at]

Culturetopia is an arts interview program hosted by accomplished Chicago writer and actress Marla Seidell. The three episodes of the show were recorded and released between August and October of 2013. We hope to re-launch the show in 2019.

Dead Flowers is a motley and mind-expanding exploration of the 1960s, with plenty of air time given to pop, soul, folk, surf, garage, girl group, Motown, British Invasion, psychedelic rock, blues, bossa nova, jazz, lounge and much more.  Andy Miles hosts. 

Depth of Field is a mix of news, music and conversation concerning things Transistor and beyond. Andy Miles hosts, with Danielle Echols.

Emotional Rescue is a fun and often funky exploration of all things 1970-1980 with plenty of air time given to pop, disco, soul, funk, punk, reggae, Afrobeat, New Wave, classic rock, and even some occasional jazz.  Andy Miles hosts. 

In 2010 Transistor Radio produced six episodes of The Extended Pause, a monthly show devoted to storytelling, poetry, the spoken word, show-and-tell, the art of field-tripping, the experiential, and allowing oneself to get carried away.   Sayward Schoonmaker was host and tour guide. [This show is not in current production but remains in our archives.]

On The Good Music Show with Scott and Odie, you'll be immersed in a quintessential college radio show, even if you don't live within a block of a university's antenna. Indie rock and underground sounds past, present and future. You might hear it first and or last, on The Good Music Show.  

Jon Monteverde hosts and curates In Store: Selections from Transistor's Live Performance Archive. As Transistor's Friday (and occasional Saturday) night sound engineer, Jon has recorded more than 300 sets of live music at Transistor. On this show, he showcases highlights from this collection.

Presented by Mike Benz (DJ Tashtego), Interlopin' hops eras and genres to concoct a special brew of dance floor euphoria. Featuring everything from space disco, minimal techno, indie rock, synth pop, and Afrobeat, to all manners of house -- deep, tech, classic and French -- the show emphasizes seamless blends that tease out the unique resonances of tracks.

Open Format showcases new and familiar songs from all styles and genres of music. It is curated into a 60-minute DJ set by DJ Lechstafari. It is meant to make you learn, listen, move and dance. 

From January 2010 through June 2011 Transistor Radio offered a weekly arts interview show, The Roundtable, hosted by Rani Woolpert (now Rani Young). The show was usually recorded before an audience, often included “in studio” performances, and generally provided a showcase for artists and artisans whose work was featured at Transistor, teachers presenting workshops at the store, and musicians scheduled to perform in Transistor’s Friday night music series. The show also reached past the confines of Transistor to explore the goings-on in Chicago’s wider arts and entertainment community. [This show is not in current production but remains in our archives.]

On Sideshow, curator Bloodshot Scott unearths, examines and displays roots music in its myriad forms. From unknown oddities to adored luminaries, it fits if he says it fits. Step right up, tune right in, and hear it only on Sideshow, folks! 

Beginning in March 2010 Transistor Radio presented the semi-regular “comedy quiz”" show The Silent K, a celebration of obscure and/or useless information, a heady synthesis of junk food and junk culture: “a party for smarties.” The show rewarded correctness with fabulous prizes (usually candy) and punished wrongness with mockery (and candy), and every show's best contestant had a chance to win a Transistor gift card. Co-hosted by Brian Hischier and Jeremy Pautz -- innovators in the fields of humorous interrogation and the tactical deployment of miscellany -- The Silent K ran for more than a year, and most of the 22 episodes they produced are available from the audio players below, along with a 'Roundtable' interview the co-hosts sat for (actually, if memory serves, they were both standing).  [This show is not in current production but remains in our archives.]

The Sunday Session went out over Transistor Radio’s then-live feed in 2011, with book-reading performances from Jon Langford and Julian Dawson, the jazz combo Extraordinary Popular Delusions, storyteller Kevin Gladish, and more. In 2019, we are hoping to resurrect the program; details to come.

On each episode of This Show Will Change Your Life, comedian Dave Maher talks to creative people about a movie, song, book, even a piece of furniture that changed their lives in ways big or small, obvious or surprising.  [This show is not in current production but remains in our archives.]

The White City Cinema Radio Hour is a film-themed talk show. Host Michael Smith brings his Chicago-centric White City Cinema film blog to the air with observations on an almost impossibly eclectic blend of cinema, both classic and modern, and features film reviews, film festival coverage, interviews with filmmakers, critics and programmers, and much more. 

Also check out the nameless music shows by deejays Liz McCabe, Andy Miles (see archive pages 2012-2014 and 2010-2011) and Amanda Walz, plus Joshua Wentz’s Show of Songs!

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