Transistor Radio is the webcast of Transistor Chicago. Each month tune in to hear programs featuring indie & archival rock, Americana, electronica, house, disco, funk and soul, tracks from our live performance archive, original sound pieces specially made for Transistor Radio, interview and discussion programs, and more. 

Our sponsorship opportunities include these features:

We record your advertisment in our basement studio free of cost.  (Hear examples of existing ads in the players below.)

{Audio coming soon]

We feature the ad in our webcast programs for $10 a month. Longer ads (those 45 to 75 seconds in length) are $15 a month.  

As part of your $10 monthly fee, we feature ad copy on our Webcast page, under the banner "Our Sponsors."   (See screenshot below.)


We require no long-term commitments or contracts.  Whether you'd like to advertise one time or indefinitely, we are happy to work with you.

If your nonprofit organization has an event it would like to promote, we air those for free.   

If you'd like to make sponsorship arrangements, submit event information, or just ask some questions about it, please contact Andy: